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Adler is a pioneer in the field of graduate psychology in Canada, as the first private institution in the country to offer graduate degree-level programs in Psychology. Adler's Master of Psychology (M. Psy) degree program is designed to prepare students looking to offer psychological services in either counselling or clinical settings. As a professional degree, it encompasses a greater focus on practice than one found in typical university research- and theory-driven programs. Our courses are structured to meet the College of Psychology’s educational requirements for membership as a Psychological Associate. As a micro-targeted institution, we are able to offer a greater focus on students’ individual needs and their professional development. Our faculty members are all practicing clinicians, who bring to the classroom their real world experiences and most up-to-date knowledge in their profession.

Areas of Expertise

All of ADLER's programs offer a unique learning experience that emphasizes comprehensive understanding of theoretical models combined with evidence-based skills for applying techniques effectively to a wide range of clinical and demographic populations. Courses are taught using experiential principles appropriate for adult learners. Quality assurance, regulation, certification... no professional today can ignore market and legal demands for demonstrating high standards in the services we all provide. If your chosen profession is psychology, professional coaching, specific modalities and foundational competencies in psychotherapy, we offer unique preparation for your unique future.

Career Planning

As the first capstone required for graduation, the Practicum is to provide practical experience in competencies that meet the professional goals of the student. The Practicum is conducted under the supervision of a senior Site Supervisor who is a registered psychologist, or other qualified mental health professional. Each student is ultimately responsible for finding and successfully completing three practicum placements. For clinical psychology students, at least one of these must involve assessment. The Director of Clinical Training is responsible for approving sites and providing support and assistance to students in identifying, selecting, and completing Practicum experiences. Students should expect to be on site a minimum of one full day per week. Some sites may allow a schedule of two or more evenings or weekends.

Affiliated Institutions

Some Partnerships include: Adler Learning Federation for Research, Education & Delivery of Services (ALFREDS), International Committee of Adlerian Summer Schools and Institutes (ICASSI), North American Society of Adlerian Psychology (NASAP), Ontario Psychological Association, Alliance of Psychotherapy Training Institutions (APTI), and The International Coach Federation (ICF), among many more.

International Involvement

Adler’s Faculty of Professional Coaching is comprised of expert instructors, dedicated to offering the finest coach training to individuals and organizations around the world. The Faculty is based in Toronto, Ontario, with coaching programs offered in: Central Europe, Scandinavia, The United States, and The United Kingdom. These campus' websites can be found at

Modified on June 24, 2016

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