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Saskatoon Public Schools

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Notes for Canadian Students:

Not applicable.

Notes for International Students:

It is quite acceptable to pay tuition by the semester rather than for the entire school year. There is a reduction on tuition fees for the second sibling in the same family of $200.00 per year. We ask that homestay payments be paid for the whole of each semester before that semester begins.

Supplementary Fees 2021 - 2022

Homestay Monthly Fee

NOTE: For students who are not living with a relative, this fee is paid each month to the homestay family by our program office. It is requested that the homestay payment for the complete semester should be added when paying tuition fees.

Homestay Placement Fee

NOTE: This fee is paid only once and is non-refundable. We take very seriously the process of finding a good match so that our students have a positive homestay experience. This takes considerable time and effort.

Individual Class Fees

NOTE: These fees are based on the actual classes, which each student takes in their individual timetable. These fees are also paid by all Canadian students and cover things like costs of materials (in classes like photography) or printed booklets. The amounts will vary and cannot be calculated until a student's timetable is finalized. Payment is not due until the student arrives at the school and has started classes.

Textbook Fee

NOTE: This is a deposit, fully refundable when the student leaves the program provided all books have been returned.

Application Fee

NOTE: This fee is non-refundable. It is acceptable to send this fee at the same time as the first semester's tuition fee when the application has been accepted.

Health Insurance Fee

NOTE: Health insurance is included for long term students who have obtained study permits. Our program office makes an application for each student on arrival for a provincial government health card, which gives international students the same coverage as residents. This means that they pay nothing for visits to the doctor or stays in hospital.

Modified on April 03, 2008