Yellowquill College

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Notes for Canadian Students:

Administrative Assistant: $2,900.00/year or $400.00/module Textbooks: $100.00/course (approximately) Certified Aboriginal Financial Officer: Annual Fees: AFOA - FNFMA Membership: $100.00 CGA Associate Membership: $25.00 CAFMA Evaluation Fee per course: $25.00 Diabetes Training: $350.00/module (includes all textbooks and membership fees) Distance Education: $450.00/course Texts and Notes: $120.00 (approximately) Distance Education with Modular Enhancement: $1,400.00 (with three weeks of classroom support per course) Texts and Notes: $120.00 (approximately) First Nation Governance: $750.00/module Full-time Students: $3,500.00 (6 courses) Textbooks: $800.00 (approximately) Health Care Studies: group rate Health Management: $750.00/module Mature Grade 12: tuition paid by provincial government if student does not have a Grade 12 Diploma, lives in Winnipeg, is over 19 years of age, and has been out of school for one year. New Student Entrance Package: Handbooks: $65.00 Financial Calculator: $40.00 (if required) Social Development Management: $625.90 per module

Modified on October 03, 2017