Algonquin College

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Tuition Fees

Canadian Students:$1,513 - $17,335
International Students:$5,603 - $31,469

Notes for Canadian Students:

College fees are set in accordance with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities’ policies. Fees must be paid each term for you to officially register for your classes. Your costs will vary depending on your program of study, lifestyle and other variables.

Supplementary Fees 2021 - 2022

Health Services Fee

NOTE: $20.00 per term.

Information Technology Fee

NOTE: Full-time students pay $87.72 per term. Part-time program registrants pay $0.87 per course hour to a maximum of $87.72 per term. Continuing Education students pay $35.00 per term when registered in courses requiring IT access.

Student Activity/Sports Fees:

NOTE: This fee is mandatory.

Student Centre Building Fees

NOTE: Centre for Continuing and Online Learning registrants are assessed $.05 per course hour. $17.50 per term.

Student Commons/Auditorium Fee

NOTE: $22.00 per term.

Health and Dental Plan

NOTE: All full-time, activity-fee paying students are assessed a Health and Dental Plan fee. This fee is included with your tuition payment. The fee is $123.96 for students beginning in September 2015 and $109.12 for students beginning in January 2016.

Co-op Work Term Fee

NOTE: A $478.95 fee is charged for each Co-op work term and is payable in two installments in the term preceding the work term. The first payment of $100.00 is payable at the time of Co-op registration and is non-refundable. The second payment of $378.95 is payable on the following dates, June 15 for the Fall Term, November 15 for the Winter Term, and April 1 for the Spring Term and may be refunded under certain circumstances. (Please refer to the Refund Policy for details.)

Modified on July 09, 2021