ICS Canada

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Notes for Canadian Students:

- All Inclusive Pricing. Our tuition price includes all materials including books, study guides and learning aids. - Affordable Tuition. Our tuition is among the lowest of all career schools. With our large international student body we are able to cost effectively deliver course materials and efficiently provide first rate student services. These savings are shared with our students in the form of low cost tuition. - Interest Free, Monthly Payment Plans. We offer 0% APR financing and customized payment plans to best meet your individual circumstance. Payment options include: - Full Payment Plan: Make one payment of the full amount of the program and receive a % discount. - Pre-Authorized Payment Plan: Make a down payment and establish easy, interest free monthly payments that will be automatically charged to a credit card or bank account. - Standard Payment Plan: Make a down payment and make interest free monthly payments using a payment book that you will receive from ICS Canada by mail.

Modified on August 23, 2019