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Procedure for Canadian Students

Step One - The Enrolment Process Select the career training program that interests you. The ICS Canada Web site offers program overviews, curriculum outlines, tuition schedules, and information on career services for graduates. You can even view forecasts of employment demand and salary ranges by career. When you are ready to enrol in a program, simply complete the student online application form or call our toll free number to speak with an enrolment advisor. You can also request to receive an information package by mail with an enrolment form included. Step Two - Your Student ID Number As soon as your enrolment form is processed, you will receive your Student ID Number. If you enrol online or by phone, you will receive your Student ID Number immediately. You’ll need to use your Student ID Number if you wish to access your initial study materials online. If you enrol by mail, your Student ID Number will be included with your mailing label in the first package of books and learning materials. Step Three - Begin Your Studies All your learning materials and supplies will be shipped directly to you. You can also log in through the ICS Canada Web site to begin your studies immediately. Use your Student ID Number to register as a new student. You will be able to download some of your first study materials. You should begin your lessons as soon as possible, the sooner you start, the sooner you'll earn your diploma. Step Four - Getting Help When You Need It Your courses are designed so that you can study independently. However, if you have a question about anything in your program, just call our toll free instructional support hotline. Faculty and instructional advisors are available to answer your questions from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday. On weekends and holidays, you can leave a message and your call will be answered the next business day. You can also contact your instructors by e-mail or, if you prefer, by regular mail. Step Five - Taking Examinations At the end of each lesson, you take an exam. You can complete your exam online through our Web site. You can also submit your examinations by mail. As soon as you pass your exam, you can go on to the next lesson. New course material will follow as you complete your exams, so that you will always have books and learning materials to continue moving forward. Your examinations and projects will be graded on the following scale: Lesson Grade (%) Letter Equivalent Rating 92 to 100 A Excellent 81 to 91 B Good 75 to 80 C Average 70 to 74 D Passing Below 70 F Failing An overall program average of 70% or above is required to graduate and earn your diploma. Final Step - Graduation Once you have passed all the courses within your program, you will receive your diploma from ICS Canada (high school students receive their diploma from ICS High School). Depending upon the program you choose, you can complete your training in just a few months from today! Graduates of ICS Canada can take advantage of ICS Canada Career Services, which include access to online searches for jobs by industry and region, tips on interviewing, information on preparing a cover letter and even one-on-one help in creating your resume with a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

Academic Year

Type of SystemContinuous
Entrance DatesAny
Language of InstructionEnglish
Modified on August 23, 2019