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Humanities and Languages

American Sign Language and Interpretation Bachelor
Applied Ministry Bachelor; Online
Biblical and Educational Studies Bachelor; Online
Biblical Exposition Master; Online
Biblical Exposition Master
Biblical Studies Master; Online
Biblical Studies Master
Biblical Studies Bachelor
Biblical Studies (Th.M.) Master
Christian Apologetics Master
Christian Apologetics (Non-Thesis) Master; Online
Christian Apologetics (Th.M.) Master
Christian Apologetics (Thesis Track) Master; Online
Christian Leadership & Church Ministries Bachelor
Christian Leadership and Management Bachelor; Online
Christian Ministry Master
Christian Ministry Master; Online
Church History (Th.M.) Master
Composition Master; Online
Creative Writing Master; Online
Divinity - Biblical Languages (75hr) Master; Online
Divinity - Biblical Languages (90hr) Master; Online
Divinity - Biblical Studies Master; Online
Divinity - Christian Apologetics Master; Online
Divinity - Christian Leadership & Church Ministry Master; Online
Divinity - Christian Ministries Master; Online
Divinity - Church History Master; Online
Divinity - Church Ministry in the Digital Age Master; Online
Divinity - Discipleship Ministries Master; Online
Divinity - General Master; Online
Divinity - Global Studies Master; Online
Divinity - Homiletics Master; Online
Divinity - Leadership Master; Online
Divinity - Pastoral Counseling Master; Online
Divinity - Theology Master; Online
Divinity - Youth and Family Ministries Master; Online
English Bachelor
English Master
English and Writing - Creative Writing Bachelor; Online
English and Writing - General Bachelor; Online
Global Studies (Th.M.) Master
History Master; Online
History Bachelor; Online
History Master
History Associate
History (BA) Bachelor
History (BS) Bachelor
Homiletics (Th.M.) Master
Master of Divinity Master
Military Studies - History Bachelor; Online
Music and Worship Bachelor
Music and Worship Master
Pastoral Counseling Master
Pastoral Counseling Master; Online
Pastoral Counseling - Addictions and Recovery Master; Online
Pastoral Counseling - Community Chaplaincy Master; Online
Pastoral Counseling - Crisis Response & Trauma Master; Online
Pastoral Counseling - Discipleship and Ministry Master; Online
Pastoral Counseling - Dobson Family Advocacy Master; Online
Pastoral Counseling - Leadership Master; Online
Pastoral Counseling - Life Coaching Master; Online
Pastoral Counseling - Marriage & Family Studies Master; Online
Pastoral Counseling - Marriage and Family Master; Online
Pastoral Counseling - Military Resilience Master; Online
Pastoral Counseling - Parent & Child/Adolescent Master; Online
Pastoral Counseling - Pastoral Counseling Master; Online
Pastoral Counseling - Theology Master; Online
Pastoral Leadership Bachelor
Philosophy Bachelor
Professional Chaplaincy - Community Master; Online
Professional Chaplaincy - General Master; Online
Professional Chaplaincy - Healthcare Master; Online
Professional Chaplaincy - Military Master; Online
Professional Writing Master; Online
Religion Master
Religion Master; Online
Religion - Apologetics Bachelor; Online
Religion - Biblical and Theological Studies Bachelor; Online
Religion - Biblical Studies Master; Online
Religion - Christian Apologetics Master; Online
Religion - Christian Counseling Bachelor; Online
Religion - Christian Leadership Bachelor; Online
Religion - Christian Ministries Bachelor; Online
Religion - Church History Master; Online
Religion - Church Ministry in the Digital Age Master; Online
Religion - Community Chaplaincy Master; Online
Religion - Discipleship & Church Ministry Master; Online
Religion - Evangelism Bachelor; Online
Religion - Evangelism and Church Planting Master; Online
Religion - General Bachelor; Online
Religion - Global Studies Master; Online
Religion - Global Studies Bachelor; Online
Religion - Homiletics Master; Online
Religion - Leadership Master; Online
Religion - NextGen Bachelor; Online
Religion - NextGen Ministry Master; Online
Religion - Pastoral Counseling Master; Online
Religion - Pastoral Ministries Master; Online
Religion - Theology Master; Online
Religion - Worship Master; Online
Religious Education Master; Online
Religious Studies Bachelor
Spanish Bachelor
Sports Chaplaincy Master; Online
Theological Studies Master; Online
Theological Studies Master
Theology Master
Theology (Th.M.) Master
Theology and Apologetics Bachelor
Worship Leadership Bachelor
Worship Studies Master
Worship Studies Master; Online
Worship Studies Bachelor; Online
Worship Studies - African-American Worship Master; Online
Worship Studies - Ethnomusicology Master; Online
Worship Studies - Leadership Master; Online
Worship Studies - Pastoral Counseling Master; Online
Worship Studies - Worship Techniques Master; Online
Youth Ministries Bachelor

Business, Management and Public Administration

Accounting Bachelor; Online
Accounting Bachelor
Accounting - Audit & Financial Reporting Master; Online
Accounting - Business Master; Online
Accounting - Financial Services Master; Online
Accounting - Forensic Accounting Master; Online
Accounting - General Master; Online
Accounting - Leadership Master; Online
Accounting - Taxation Master; Online
Business Administration Master
Business Administration Bachelor
Business Administration (MBA) - 36-Hours Master; Online
Business Administration (MBA) - 45-Hours Master; Online
Business Administration - Automotive Dealership Management Bachelor; Online
Business Administration - Communications Bachelor; Online
Business Administration - Data Analytics Bachelor; Online
Business Administration - Digital Marketing and Advertising Bachelor; Online
Business Administration - Economics Bachelor; Online
Business Administration - Entrepreneurship Bachelor; Online
Business Administration - Finance Bachelor; Online
Business Administration - Financial Planning Bachelor; Online
Business Administration - General Track Bachelor; Online
Business Administration - Human Resource Management Bachelor; Online
Business Administration - International Business Bachelor; Online
Business Administration - Leadership Bachelor; Online
Business Administration - Marketing Analytics Bachelor; Online
Business Administration - Marketing and Sales Degree Bachelor; Online
Business Administration - Project Management Bachelor; Online
Business Administration - Public Administration Bachelor; Online
Business Administration - Real Estate Bachelor; Online
Business Administration - Strategic Marketing Management Bachelor; Online
Executive Leadership Master; Online
Fashion Merchandising Bachelor; Online
Finance - Financial Management Master; Online
Finance - Financial Planning Master; Online
Finance - General Master; Online
Government Associate
Government (BA) Bachelor
Government (BS) Bachelor
Government - Public Administration Bachelor; Online
Human Services Counseling Master; Online
Human Services Counseling Master
Human Services Counseling - Addictions & Recovery Master; Online
Human Services Counseling - Business Master; Online
Human Services Counseling - Christian Ministry Master; Online
Human Services Counseling - Criminal Justice Master; Online
Human Services Counseling - Crisis Response and Trauma Master; Online
Human Services Counseling - Dobson Marriage & Family Studies Master; Online
Human Services Counseling - Dobson Parenting Master; Online
Human Services Counseling - Executive Leadership Master; Online
Human Services Counseling - Family Advocacy & Public Policy Master; Online
Human Services Counseling - Health and Wellness Master; Online
Human Services Counseling - Life Coaching Master; Online
Human Services Counseling - Marriage & Family Master; Online
Human Services Counseling - Military Resilience Master; Online
Information Systems - Accounting Information Systems Bachelor; Online
Law and Policy - Public Policy Bachelor; Online
M.S.N./M.B.A. - Dual Degree Master; Online
Marketing Master; Online
Marketing - Digital Marketing and Advertising Master; Online
Marketing - Project Management Master; Online
Marketing - Public Relations Master; Online
Marketing - Social Media Management Master; Online
Marketing - Sports Marketing and Media Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - Accounting Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - American Legal Studies Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - Criminal Justice Administration Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - Economics Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - Finance Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - Healthcare Management Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - Human Resources Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - International Business Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - International Legal Studies Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - Leadership Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - Marketing Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - Nonprofit Leadership and Management Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - Project Management Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - Public Administration Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - Public Relations Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - Real Estate Development Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - Six Sigma Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - Strategic Management Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - Strategic Media and Digital Content Master; Online
Master of Business Administration - Supply Chain Management and Logistics Master; Online
Mathematics - Actuarial Bachelor
MSN/MBA - Dual Degree Master; Online
Project Management Master; Online
Public Administration Bachelor; Online
Public Administration - Business and Government Master; Online
Public Administration - Disaster Management Master; Online
Public Administration - Fire Administration Master; Online
Public Administration - General Master; Online
Public Administration - Healthcare Master; Online
Public Administration - Law & Public Policy Master; Online
Public Administration - Public and Nonprofit Management Master; Online
Public Policy Master
Public Policy - Campaigns and Elections Master; Online
Public Policy - General Master; Online
Public Policy - International Affairs Master; Online
Public Policy - Leadership Master; Online
Public Policy - Middle East Studies Master; Online
Public Policy - Policy Studies Master; Online
Public Policy - Public Administration Master; Online
Social Work Bachelor
Social Work Bachelor; Online

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Addiction Counseling Master; Online
Athletic Training Bachelor
Biomedical Sciences (Pre-Med) Bachelor
Business Administration - Healthcare Management Bachelor; Online
Camp and Outdoor Adventure Leadership Bachelor
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master; Online
Coaching Bachelor
Exercise Science Bachelor
Exercise Science and Wellness Master
Exercise Science and Wellness Master; Online
Exercise Science and Wellness - Fitness & Performance Master; Online
Exercise Science and Wellness - Nutrition & Wellness Master; Online
Family Nurse Practitioner Doctorate
Health Informatics Master; Online
Health Sciences Bachelor; Online
Healthcare Administration Bachelor; Online
Healthcare Administration - Accounting Master; Online
Healthcare Administration - Finance Master; Online
Healthcare Administration - General Master; Online
Healthcare Administration - Human Resources Master; Online
Healthcare Administration - Leadership Master; Online
Healthcare Administration - Marketing Master; Online
Healthcare Administration - Nonprofit Management Master; Online
Healthcare Administration - Project Management Master; Online
Healthcare Administration - Public Administration Master; Online
Healthcare Administration - Public Relations Master; Online
Healthcare Administration - Strategic Management Master; Online
Healthcare Administration - Supply Chain Master; Online
Human Performance Master; Online
Human Performance Master
Human Performance - Clinical Master; Online
Human Performance - Fitness and Wellness Master; Online
Human Performance - Nutrition Master; Online
Human Performance - Strength Training & Conditioning Master; Online
Informatics - Healthcare Informatics Bachelor; Online
Informatics – Healthcare Informatics Bachelor
M.S.N. / M.S.H.A. - Dual Degree Master; Online
M.S.N./M.B.A. - Dual Degree Master; Online
M.S.N./M.S.H.A. - Dual Degree Master; Online
Marriage & Family Therapy Master; Online
Marriage and Family Counseling Master
Medical Sciences Master; Online
Medical Sciences - Biopsychology Master; Online
Medical Sciences - Business Management Master; Online
Medical Sciences - Health Informatics Master; Online
Medical Sciences - Molecular Medicine Master; Online
Medical Sciences - Public Health Master; Online
Nursing Bachelor
Nursing Master; Online
Nursing (RN to BSN to MSN) Bachelor; Online
Nursing (RN to BSN to MSN) - Nurse Educator Bachelor; Online
Nursing (RN to BSN to MSN) - Nursing Administration Bachelor; Online
Nursing (RN to BSN to MSN) - Nursing Informatics Bachelor; Online
Nursing (RN to BSN) Bachelor; Online
Nursing - Community Health Master; Online
Nursing - Global Studies (RN to BSN) Bachelor; Online
Nursing - Health Policy Master; Online
Nursing - Nurse Administration Master; Online
Nursing - Nurse Educator Master; Online
Nursing - Nurse Informatics Master; Online
Osteopathic Medicine Doctorate
Public Health Bachelor
Public Health Master
Public Health Master; Online
Public Health - Epidemiology Master
Public Health - Global Health Master; Online
Public Health - Global Health Master
Public Health - Health Promotion Master; Online
Public Health - Health Promotion Master
Public Health - Nutrition Master; Online
Public Health - Nutrition Master
Respiratory Therapy Bachelor
Respiratory Therapy - RRT to BSRT Bachelor; Online
Sport Management Master
Sport Management Bachelor
Sports Management - Coaching and Athletic Administration (Non-Thesis) Master; Online
Sports Management - Coaching and Athletic Administration (Thesis) Master; Online
Sports Management - Conference & Event Management Bachelor; Online
Sports Management - General Bachelor; Online
Sports Management - General Master; Online
Sports Management - Outdoor Adventure Sports (Non-Thesis) Master; Online
Sports Management - Outdoor Adventure Sports (Thesis) Master; Online
Sports Management - Sports Administration Bachelor; Online
Sports Management - Sports Administration (Non-Thesis) Master; Online
Sports Management - Sports Administration (Thesis) Master; Online
Sports Management - Sports Outreach Bachelor; Online
Sports Management - Sports Venue Management Bachelor; Online
Sports Management - Tourism (Non-Thesis) Master; Online
Sports Management - Tourism (Thesis) Master; Online


Business Education (6-12) Bachelor; Online
Choral Music - Music Education Bachelor
Coaching Bachelor
Early Childhood Education Bachelor; Online
Education - Administration and Supervision Master; Online
Education - Early Childhood Education Master; Online
Education - Educational Leadership Master; Online
Education - Educational Technology and Online Instruction Master; Online
Education - Elementary Education Master; Online
Education - English Master; Online
Education - Foreign Language Education Master; Online
Education - General Education Master; Online
Education - Gifted Education Master; Online
Education - Health and Wellness Master; Online
Education - History Master; Online
Education - Instructional Design and Technology Master; Online
Education - Leadership Master; Online
Education - Math Specialist Endorsement Master; Online
Education - Middle Grades Master; Online
Education - Reading Specialist Endorsement Master; Online
Education - School Counseling Master; Online
Education - Special Education Master; Online
Education - Student Services Master; Online
Education - Urban Education Master; Online
Elementary Education Bachelor
Elementary Education (B.Ed.) Bachelor; Online
Elementary Education (B.S.) Bachelor; Online
English – Teacher Licensure Bachelor
English as a Second Language Bachelor; Online
English Education (6-12) Bachelor; Online
Higher Education Master; Online
Higher Education - Educational Leadership Master; Online
Higher Education - Instructional Design and Technology Master; Online
Mathematics - Teacher Licensure Bachelor
Mathematics Education (6-12) Bachelor; Online
Middle Education Bachelor; Online
Middle Education Bachelor
Middle Education - English Bachelor; Online
Middle Education - Math Bachelor; Online
Middle Education - Science Bachelor; Online
Middle Education - Social Sciences Bachelor; Online
Music Education Master; Online
Music Education Master
Physical Education and Health Bachelor
Social Sciences - Teacher Licensure Bachelor
Social Studies Education (6-12) Bachelor; Online
Spanish - Teacher Licensure Bachelor
Special Education Bachelor
Special Education (B.Ed.) Bachelor; Online
Special Education (B.S.) Bachelor; Online
Teaching - Elementary Education Master; Online
Teaching - Elementary Education (45 Hours) Master; Online
Teaching - Elementary Education (Special Education - 45 Hours) Master; Online
Teaching - Middle Grades Master; Online
Teaching - Middle Grades (45 Hours) Master; Online
Teaching - Secondary Education Master; Online
Teaching - Secondary Education (45 Hours) Master; Online
Teaching - Special Education Master; Online
Teaching - Special Education (Adapted Curriculum) Master; Online
Teaching - Special Education (Early Childhood Education) Master; Online
Teaching - Special Education (General Curriculum - 45 Hours) Master; Online
Teaching - Special Education (General Curriculum) Master; Online
Teaching English as a Second Language Bachelor
Teaching English as a Second Language Master; Online
Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Bachelor; Online
Teaching English as a Second Language - Teacher Licensure Bachelor

Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

American Legal Studies Master; Online
Applied Industrial/Organizational Psychology Master
Applied Psychology Master; Online
Applied Psychology - Developmental Psychology Master; Online
Applied Psychology - Industrial/Organizational Master; Online
Biopsychology Bachelor
Communication Master
Communication Bachelor
Communication Master; Online
Compliance Master; Online
Criminal Justice - Criminal Psychology Bachelor; Online
Digital Media Bachelor
English and Writing - Journalism Bachelor; Online
Family and Child Development Bachelor
Family and Consumer Sciences Bachelor
Global Studies Master
Global Studies Bachelor
Global Studies Master; Online
Global Studies (Th.M.) Master
Government Bachelor; Online
Government - National Security Bachelor; Online
Government - Politics & Policy Bachelor; Online
Human Services Bachelor
International Legal Studies (J.M.) Master; Online
International Legal Studies (LL.M.) Master; Online
International Relations Master; Online
International Relations Bachelor
Journalism Bachelor
Juris Doctor Doctorate
Law and Policy Bachelor; Online
Law and Policy - Pre-Law Bachelor; Online
Law and Policy – Pre-Law (BA) Bachelor
Law and Policy – Pre-Law (BS) Bachelor
National Security - General Master; Online
National Security - Homeland Security Master; Online
Paralegal Studies Bachelor; Online
Political Science Master; Online
Political Science Bachelor; Online
Psychology Bachelor
Psychology Master
Psychology - Addictions and Recovery Bachelor; Online
Psychology - Christian Counseling Bachelor; Online
Psychology - Criminal Psychology Bachelor; Online
Psychology - Crisis Counseling Bachelor; Online
Psychology - Developmental Psychology Bachelor; Online
Psychology - General Track Bachelor; Online
Psychology - Life Coaching Bachelor; Online
Public Health - Nutrition Master
Social Sciences Bachelor
Sports Management - Sports Communication and Public Relations Bachelor; Online
Strategic Communication Bachelor; Online
Strategic Communication Master; Online
Strategic Communication Master
Strategic Communication Bachelor

Personal, Culinary, Protective and Transportation Services

Aeronautics Bachelor
Aeronautics - Aviation Education Master; Online
Aeronautics - Aviation Leadership Master; Online
Aeronautics - Aviation Safety Master; Online
Aeronautics - General Master; Online
Aviation Bachelor; Online
Aviation - Management Bachelor; Online
Aviation Administration Bachelor
Aviation Maintenance Management Bachelor; Online
Criminal Justice Bachelor
Criminal Justice Associate
Criminal Justice - Business Administration and Management Bachelor; Online
Criminal Justice - Corrections and Human Services Bachelor; Online
Criminal Justice - Crime Scene Investigation Bachelor; Online
Criminal Justice - Cybercrime Investigation Master; Online
Criminal Justice - Forensic Psychology Master; Online
Criminal Justice - General Bachelor; Online
Criminal Justice - General Master; Online
Criminal Justice - Homeland Security Master; Online
Criminal Justice - Homeland Security Bachelor; Online
Criminal Justice - Juvenile Justice Bachelor; Online
Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement Leadership Master; Online
Criminal Justice - Public Administration Bachelor; Online
Criminal Justice - Public Administration Master; Online
Criminal Justice - Strategic Intelligence Bachelor; Online
Cyber Security Master; Online
Fire Administration Bachelor; Online
Forensic Science Bachelor
Military Studies - International Security Bachelor; Online
Military Studies - Professional Bachelor; Online
Military Studies - Resiliency Bachelor; Online
Psychology - Military Resilience Bachelor; Online

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies


Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation

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