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Requirements for Canadian Students

Academic requirements can be found at http://gradstudies.uoit.ca/future_students/application_process_and_requirement/step%201/index.php. They have been established by the Office of Graduate Studies and are the minimum required for entry into a graduate program at UOIT. Some programs may have additional requirements which could include higher GPA requirements. For program-specific requirements, please see admission requirements by program at http://gradstudies.uoit.ca/future_students/application_process_and_requirement/step%201/admission-requirements-by-program.php.

Procedure for Canadian Students

After you have explored UOIT's graduate programs, there are five steps you must go through to complete the application process. These steps can be found at http://gradstudies.uoit.ca/future_students/application_process_and_requirement/index.php. After you have completed the first five steps in the application process, you can proceed to step six to check the status of your application.

Academic Year

Type of SystemSemester
Entrance DatesSeptember
Language of InstructionEnglish
Modified on October 18, 2019