Journalists and Reporters

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What do Journalists and Reporters do?

Journalists and reporters research, investigate, interpret, and communicate news and public affairs through newspapers, television, radio, and other media.

How to become: Journalists and Reporters

A university degree or college diploma in journalism is usually required.

Experienced reporters and journalists may advance to editorial positions (print media) or become producers (broadcast media).

Many recent entrants have an undergraduate university degree, and almost 3 in 20 have a graduate degree.

Where to study for a career as: Journalists and Reporters

Trent University
Peterborough, Ontario, CA

Related Program(s):
Journalism and Creative Writing Diploma
Journalism and Creative Writing (B.A.) Bachelor
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Durham College
Oshawa, Ontario, CA

Related Program(s):
Journalism - Mass Media Diploma; University Transfer; Advanced
Journalism and Creative Writing Diploma; Advanced
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Centennial College
Toronto, Ontario, CA

Related Program(s):
Journalism Diploma; Advanced
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The University of Queensland
Brisbane, AU

Related Program(s):
Journalism Bachelor
Journalism and Mass Communication Bachelor
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Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario, CA

Related Program(s):
Journalism Bachelor
Journalism and Humanities Bachelor; Honours
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