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What do Dietitians do?

Dietitians plan, conduct, and supervise diet food service programs and provide nutrition counselling/consulting services. They also conduct research to improve the nutritional value, taste, appearance, and preparation of food, and may specialize in different areas such as clinical, community or research dietetics, public health, food service administration, and industry.

How to become: Dietitians

In general, you need a university degree.

To be a dietitian or nutritionist, you need a bachelor's or master's degree in dietetics, nutrition or a closely related field, one to two years' supervised training, and registration with the regulatory body in the province/territory where you'll work.

Most recent entrants have an undergraduate university degree, and almost 1 in 10 has a graduate degree.

Where to study for a career as: Dietitians

University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, CA

Related Program(s):
Dietetics Bachelor
Nutrition and Food Science Bachelor
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University of Hertfordshire
Hatfield, England, GB

Related Program(s):
Dietetics Bachelor; Honours
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Oxford Brookes University - Postgraduate Studies
Oxford, England, GB

Related Program(s):
Dietetics (Pre-Registration) Master
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