(NOC 5122)


These comments apply to the career group Writing, Translating and Public Relations Professionals, which includes Editors.

Job prospects for this career are rated FAIR because:

The number of editors has remained fairly stable in the 1990s and then increased significantly. In the 1990s, increased employment opportunities have been cancelled out by the automation of many of their duties and by job reduction in the traditional sectors. Since the turn of the century, developments in new niches helped their number to increase significantly. Given that media consolidation, mergers and convergence are expected to increase in the future, the number of editors, writer-editors and senior news editors should increase only slightly in the next few years.

Career opportunities will arise not only from positions that become available from editors who are retiring or being promoted to director of information or other management positions, but also from employment increase. The turnover rate is generally low.

Editing work is often given to proofreaders, journalists, writers, translators, computer graphics designers, programmers, secretaries, and so on.

Job Seekers: 54,458
Job Openings: 58,261

Job prospects for this career are rated Fair

Last Updated: May 13, 2012