(NOC 6482)


These comments apply to the career grouping of Other occupations in personal services.

Job prospects for this career are rated LIMITED because:

For Other Occupations In Personal Service, over the period of 2011-2020, job openings are expected to total 34,251. It is expected that 38,996 job seekers will be available to fill these job openings.

Expansion demand will account for the majority of job openings; that is, new job openings will result mostly from economic growth. Nevertheless, expansion demand will be weaker than it was over the 1999-2008 period.

Although workers in this occupation are on average much younger than in other occupations, 30% of job openings will be due to retirements over the next decade. New graduates will account for approximately 80% of job seekers in this occupation over the 2009-2018 period. The proportion of job seekers coming directly from the school system is considerable because this occupation requires only secondary school or occupation specific training. Furthermore, many workers in other occupations migrate in this occupation over the coming decade.

Job Seekers: 38,996
Job Openings: 34,967

Job prospects for this career are rated Limited

Last Updated: May 14, 2012