Executive Assistants

(NOC 1222)


These comments apply to the career group Administrative and Regulatory Occupations, which includes Executive Assistants.

Retirements will be account for the majority of these job openings. The retirement rate in this occupation will be high during the forecast period, surpassing the average retirement rate for all occupations. This is attributable to the fact that workers in this occupation are on average older than those in other occupations and retire somewhat earlier.

In contrast, the number of new jobs created (expansion demand) will be relatively low during the forecast period, declining sharply relative to the previous 10 years. The relatively weak employment growth is largely attributable to a downturn in economic activity relative to recent years, which inevitably leads to a decreased demand for administrative workers.

As advancements in office technology continue to decrease the number of clerical employees, professionals in these fields will need to become skilled in more areas. Officers and other workers who have expertise with specialized computer systems and data manipulation may have an advantage over others seeking employment in an administrative or regulatory field.

Job Seekers: 134,713
Job Openings: 204,093

Job prospects for this career are rated Good

Last Updated: May 15, 2012