(NOC 1241)


These comments cover the career grouping of Secretaries, Recorders and Transcriptionists.

There will be numerous career opportunities. They will arise from the high turnover rate and from the need to replace secretaries who are retiring. Secretarial experience combined with the right training provides access to supervisory and other administrative positions.

Even though the recent trends have drastically changed the way secretarial work is done, this work still requires the same type of qualifications. Employers seek candidates who are very familiar with the major software used in office automation and the administrative duties this software performs. As always, these candidates must have an excellent knowledge of French and grammar and developed organizational skills. They must be polite, discreet and demonstrate great skill in interpersonal relationships. Knowledge of the Internet and e-mail, as well as analytical and problem-solving skills are increasingly required. Most employers require functional bilingualism.

Job Seekers: 21,156
Job Openings: 73,949

Job prospects for this career are rated Good

Last Updated: May 17, 2012