Administrative Officers

(NOC 1221)


These comments apply to the career group Administrative and Regulatory Occupations (NOC 122), which include Administrative Officers.

The tasks performed by administrative officers, like those performed by the members of other administrative occupations, tend to be very diversified. As a result, we are seeing the disappearance of separations in the delineation of functions traditionally attributed to specific occupations. Because this trend benefits this occupation, the number of administrative officers should rise significantly over the next few years.

Although the labour pool may be quite large, people who meet employers' requirements, particularly in terms of training, quality of French and bilingualism, should not have any difficulty finding work, whether in this or any other clerical occupation.

Job Seekers: 134,713
Job Openings: 204,093

Job prospects for this career are rated Good

Last Updated: May 17, 2012