Journalists and Reporters

(NOC 5123)


These comments are for the career grouping of Writing, Translating and Public Relations Professionals, which includes Journalists and Reporters.

Career opportunities will arise primarily from the relatively high turnover rate and from positions that become available by journalists who are retiring or being promoted to management. The turnover rate is especially high for freelances and contractors. Some journalists leave this profession to work in other areas of communications: public relations, media relations officer and so on. Turnover in the same occupation is fairly high. For example, many journalists start their career with a small media outlet and continue as freelances. A minority then go on to work as researchers or generalist reporters with large media outlets, then move to more prestigious and better paying jobs as specialized journalists, columnists and editorial writers.

Job Seekers: 54,458
Job Openings: 58,261

Job prospects for this career are rated Fair

Last Updated: May 19, 2012