Actors and Comedians

(NOC 5135)


People in this group work for:

Film production, radio, and television companies/stations

Broadcasting departments, sound recording studios

Record production, ballet/dance companies

Symphony and chamber orchestras

Bands/choirs, night clubs/dance academies

Private acting/dance schools

Many are self-employed.


Here are the average annual salaries.
2010: $43,659
2005: $36,920
2000: $18,942
1995: $16,345

Earnings Notes

These earnings are from the 1995 to 2010 Canadian Censuses and are adapted from Statistics Canada and Labour Force Survey respectively.

Adapted from: Statistics Canada, 2006 Census of Population, Statistics Canada catalogue no. 97-563-XCB2006069.

Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey, custom tabulation.

Please note that the income for 1995 and 2000 includes self-employed professionals. In cases where no earnings information is indicated, information from Statistics Canada was unavailable due to insufficient information to suppress the data.

Statistics Canada information is used with the permission of Statistics Canada. Users are forbidden to copy the data and disseminate them, in an original or modified form, for commercial purposes, without the express permission of Statistics Canada. Information on the availability of the wide range of data from Statistics Canada and can be obtained from Statistics Canada's Regional Offices, its World Wide Web site at and its toll free access number 1-800-263-1136.

Modified on July 10, 2012