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Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Advanced Finance and Economics Bachelor; Honours
Arts/Laws Bachelor; Honours
Arts/Social Science Bachelor
Biotechnology Bachelor; Honours
Business Management/Communication Bachelor
Business Management/Economics Bachelor
Business Management/Journalism Bachelor
Business Management/Laws Bachelor; Honours
Commerce/Economics Bachelor
Commerce/Laws Bachelor; Honours
Communication Bachelor
Communication Bachelor; Honours
Communication/Arts Bachelor; Honours
Communication/Journalism Bachelor
Criminology and Criminal Justice Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor
Economics/Arts Bachelor
Economics/Laws Bachelor; Honours
Economics/Science Bachelor
Engineering (Honours)/Economics Bachelor; Honours
Engineering (Honours)/Information Technology Bachelor; Honours
International Studies Bachelor
International Studies Bachelor; Honours
Journalism Bachelor; Honours
Journalism Bachelor
Journalism/Arts Bachelor
Journalism/Laws Bachelor; Honours
Languages Diploma
Laws Bachelor; Honours
Mathematics/Economics Bachelor
Politics, Philosophy and Economics Bachelor; Honours
Psychological Science Bachelor; Honours
Science/Journalism Bachelor
Science/Laws Bachelor; Honours
Social Science Bachelor; Honours
Social Science Bachelor

Business, Management and Public Administration

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Advanced Science Bachelor; Honours
Agricultural Science (Gatton) Bachelor; Honours
Agricultural Science (St Lucia) Bachelor; Honours
Biomedical Science Bachelor
Biomedical Science Bachelor; Honours
Biomedical Science/Science Bachelor
Biotechnology Bachelor; Honours
Business Management/Science Bachelor
Clinical Exercise Physiology Bachelor; Honours
Commerce/Science Bachelor
Computer Science/Science Bachelor
Economics/Science Bachelor
Engineering (Honours)/Science Bachelor; Honours
Engineering/Biotechnology Bachelor; Honours
Environmental Science Bachelor; Honours
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Bachelor
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Health Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Health Sciences Bachelor
Information Technology/Science Bachelor
Music (Honours)/Science Bachelor; Honours
Science Bachelor; Honours
Science Bachelor
Science (Gatton) Bachelor; Honours
Science (Gatton) Bachelor
Science/Arts Bachelor
Science/Education (Secondary) Bachelor
Science/Journalism Bachelor
Science/Laws Bachelor; Honours

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Agribusiness/Veterinary Technology Bachelor
Biomedical Science Bachelor
Dental Science Bachelor; Honours
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Bachelor
Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Exercise and Sport Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Health Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Health Sciences Bachelor
Health, Sport and Physical Education Bachelor; Honours
Midwifery Bachelor
Midwifery Bachelor; Honours
Nursing Bachelor; Honours
Nursing Bachelor
Nursing/Midwifery Bachelor
Occupational Health and Safety Science Bachelor; Honours
Occupational Therapy Bachelor; Honours
Oral Health Bachelor; Honours
Pharmacy Bachelor; Honours
Physiotherapy Bachelor; Honours
Speech Pathology Bachelor; Honours
Veterinary Science Bachelor; Honours
Veterinary Technology Bachelor; Honours
Veterinary Technology Bachelor

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Humanities and Languages

Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation


Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Music Bachelor; Honours
Music (Honours)/Arts Bachelor; Honours
Music (Honours)/Education (Secondary) Bachelor; Honours
Music (Honours)/Science Bachelor; Honours
Music Performance Diploma

Personal Improvement and Leisure

Arts/Laws Bachelor; Honours
Business Management/Arts Bachelor
Commerce/Arts Bachelor
Economics/Arts Bachelor

Personal, Culinary, Protective and Transportation Services

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