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University of East London
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University of East London

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Social and Behavioural Sciences and Law

Advertising Bachelor; Honours
Advertising (with Foundation Year) Bachelor; Honours
Business Psychology Bachelor; Honours; Online; Distance
Business Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Child Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Clinical and Community Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Counselling Bachelor; Honours
Criminology and Criminal Justice Bachelor; Honours
Criminology and Criminal Justice (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Criminology and Law Bachelor; Honours
Criminology and Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Early Childhood Studies Bachelor; Honours
Early Childhood Studies Bachelor; Honours; Online
Early Childhood Studies (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Early Childhood Studies with Cache Level 3 (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Early Childhood Studies with Psychology Bachelor; Honours; Online
Early Childhood Studies with Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor; Honours
Economics Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Economics, Politics and Policy Bachelor; Honours
Forensic Psychology Bachelor; Honours
International Development Bachelor; Honours
International Development (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
International Development with NGO Management Bachelor; Honours
International Development with NGO Management (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
International Relations Bachelor; Honours
International Relations (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Journalism Bachelor; Honours
Journalism (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Law (Paralegal Studies) Diploma
Law LLB Bachelor; Honours
Law with Criminology Bachelor; Honours
Law with International Relations Bachelor; Honours
Media and Communication Bachelor; Honours
Media and Communication (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Psychology Bachelor; Honours; Online; Distance
Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Psychology (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Psychology with Sociology Bachelor; Honours
Psychosocial Studies Bachelor; Honours
Psychosocial Studies (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Psychosocial Studies with Professional Practice Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Psychosocial Studies with Professional Practice (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Sociology Bachelor; Honours
Sociology (Professional Development with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Sociology (Professional Development) Bachelor; Honours
Sociology (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Sociology with Criminology Bachelor; Honours
Sports Journalism Bachelor; Honours
Sports Journalism (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Surveying and Mapping Sciences Bachelor; Honours
Surveying and Mapping Sciences (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours

Visual and Performing Arts, and Communications Technologies

Animation Bachelor; Honours
Animation (with Foundation Year) Bachelor; Honours
Computer Games Design: Story Development Bachelor; Honours
Dance: Urban Practice Bachelor; Honours
Digital Media Design (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Drama, Applied Theatre & Performance Bachelor; Honours
Fashion Design Bachelor; Honours
Fashion Design Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Fashion Design (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Fashion Textiles Bachelor; Honours
Fashion Textiles Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Fashion Textiles (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Film Bachelor; Honours
Film (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Fine Art Bachelor; Honours
Fine Art (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Graphic Design Bachelor; Honours
Graphic Design (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Illustration Bachelor; Honours
Illustration (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Interior Design Bachelor; Honours
Interior Design (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Music Performance and Production Bachelor; Honours
Performing Arts Bachelor; Honours
Photography Bachelor; Honours
Photography (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Product Design Bachelor; Honours
Product Design (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours

Architecture, Engineering, and Related Technologies

Architectural Design Technology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Architectural Design Technology Bachelor; Honours
Architectural Design Technology (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Architecture Bachelor; Honours
Architecture (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Civil Engineering Master; Honours
Civil Engineering Master; Co-op; Honours
Civil Engineering (BEng with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Civil Engineering (BEng) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Civil Engineering (BEng) Bachelor; Honours
Civil Engineering (BSc with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Civil Engineering (BSc) Bachelor; Honours
Civil Engineering (BSc) Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Civil Engineering and Construction Management Diploma
Construction Management Bachelor; Honours
Construction Management (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Engineering Design Bachelor; Honours
General Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Mechanical Engineering Master
Mechanical Engineering Master; Co-op
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor; Honours
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Mechanical Engineering (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours

Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Business, Management and Public Administration

Accounting & Finance, MAccFin(Hons)- Integrated Masters Bachelor; Honours
Accounting and Finance Bachelor; Honours
Accounting and Finance Master; Honours
Business Management Bachelor; Honours
Business Management (Human Resource Management) Bachelor; Honours
Business Management (Marketing) Bachelor; Honours
Business Psychology Bachelor; Honours
Business Psychology Bachelor; Honours; Online; Distance
Events Management Bachelor; Honours
Fashion Marketing Bachelor; Honours
Hospitality Management Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Hospitality Management Bachelor; Honours
International Development with NGO Management Bachelor; Honours
International Development with NGO Management (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Social Work Bachelor; Honours
Tourism and Hospitality Management Diploma
Tourism Management Bachelor; Honours
Tourism Management Bachelor; Co-op; Honours


Early Childhood and Special Education Bachelor; Honours
Early Childhood and Special Education Bachelor; Honours; Online; Distance
Early Childhood with Education and QTS Bachelor; Honours
Education Studies Bachelor; Honours; Online
Education Studies Bachelor; Honours
Special Education Bachelor; Honours
Special Education Bachelor; Honours; Online
Sport Physical Education and Development Bachelor; Honours
Sport Physical Education and Development (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Sports Coaching Bachelor; Honours
Sports Coaching (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

Biochemistry Bachelor; Honours
Biochemistry (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Biomedical Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Biomedical Science Bachelor; Honours
Chemistry Not Applicable
Medical Physiology Bachelor; Honours
Medical Physiology (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Pharmacology Bachelor; Honours
Pharmacology Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Pharmacology (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours

Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences

Computer Game Development Bachelor; Honours
Computer Game Development (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science Bachelor; Honours
Computer Science Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computer Science (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours
Computing for Business Bachelor; Honours
Computing for Business Bachelor; Co-op; Honours
Computing for Business (with Foundation year) Bachelor; Honours

Personal, Culinary, Protective and Transportation Services

Humanities and Languages

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