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Health, Parks, Recreation and Fitness

Adult Cardiology (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Anatomical Pathology (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Anesthesia (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Cardiac Surgery (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Clinical Immunology and Allergy (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Clinical Pharmacology (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Critical Care Medicine (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Diagnostic Radiology (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Emergency Medicine (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Endocrinology and Metabolism (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Family Medicine Doctorate
Family Medicine (M.Cl.Sc.) Master
Gastroenterology (Residency Program) Post-diploma
General Surgery (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Hematology (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Internal Medicine (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Medical Oncology Post-diploma
Medicine (M.D./Ph.D.) Doctorate
Nephrology (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Neurology (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Neuropathology (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Neurosurgery (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Nuclear Medicine (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Obstetrics and Gynecology (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Ophthalmology (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Orthodontics (M.Cl.Sc.) Master
Orthopedic Surgery (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Paediatrics (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Pathologists’ Assistant Master
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Master
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Doctorate
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Plastic Surgery (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Psychiatry (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Public Health Master
Radiation Oncology (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Respirology (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Rheumatology (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Surgery Master
Thoracic Surgery (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Urology (Residency Program) Post-diploma
Vascular Surgery (Residency Program) Post-diploma

Physical and Life Sciences and Technologies

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