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Trinity College

Trinity College

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Trinity College is a small academic college with a long and illustrious history within the University of Toronto, the largest university in Canada. A small, distinctive college at the heart of a great university, Trinity offers an exceptional academic experience and fosters community, responsibility and leadership. Trinity College in Toronto, Ontario, is one of the smallest and most prestigious colleges on the St. George Campus of the University of Toronto. Since its founding in 1851 the College has valued and fostered a high level of academic achievement.

Areas of Expertise

Trinity College sponsors three interdisciplinary programs on behalf of the University of Toronto's Faculty of Arts and Science, and offers students the opportunity to complete their own major projects for credit through Independent Studies courses. However, it should be stressed that Trinity students choose equally from all the courses and programs offered by the Faculty. The programs sponsored by Trinity College are: Ethics, Society, and Law, International Relations, Immunology and Independent Studies.

On Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Co-ed:420 bedsLowest: $9,345Highest: $9,665

Trinity College is located in the heart of the St. George campus and steps from Bloor Street. The two residence buildings house approximately 425 students, split roughly between the buildings. The community consists of first-year and upper-year students, most of whom are Trinity Arts and Science students. Both residence buildings are co-ed with separate areas for men and women. The floors are a mix of upper-year and first-year students, with about half of our incoming first-year students being assigned single rooms.Living in residence is a wonderful opportunity to meet new people from all over the globe with a range of interests and pursuits. Living on campus provides students with the opportunity to more easily combine academic excellence with the extra-curricular activities that form a well-rounded university experience and to create friendships that will last for years.

Off Campus Housing

The University of Toronto Housing Services is the primary resource for students seeking off-campus housing. They are physically located in the Koffler Student Services Centre, but have a very accessible web presence with many tools, such as the Off-Campus Registry and Roomate Finder.

Incoming Students

All new, incoming Trinity College students are encouraged to participate in Orientation Week, held each September before classes start. Orientation Week gives you the opportunity to get to know other newly admitted students, upper-year students, faculty, and staff, all while exploring Trinity College and the broader University of Toronto campus. The week is planned by student coordinators, in conjunction with the Office of the Dean of Students, and is designed to help facilitate your social and academic transition to university life.


Trinity College offers over 20 intramural sports teams for athletes to participate in. The Cricket offered is Indoor Cricket.


There is a rich, vibrant social life at the College – from Orientation Week in September through to the many dances and formal balls. To this end, there is a tremendous degree of student leadership at Trinity – arguably another unique and wonderful feature of the Trinity student experience.


It is often said that at Trinity there is a club or organization for everyone – and if there’s not, you can start one! Student clubs and budgets all operate via the TCM and the whole process is explained on Trinlife, as well as a full listing of clubs and contact information. Students have control over funds and budgets are approved via the TCM. To learn more about how to start your own club and necessary documents, more information may be found here:

Information Technology

Trinity College has two computer labs each containing several workstations. Students are able to access the internet and the University of Toronto network, use email, word-processing and printing. A Computer Centre Account obtained through the Bursar's office is required. Students may also connect their PC to the Residence Network in their dorm room. Technical help is available through the ResNet Troubleshooting Guide or by contacting College staff at

Special Services

Trinity College is committed to strive to provide at all times, equal opportunities and equal access for our employees, students, volunteers, alumni, visitors and community members. Visit: for more information.

Affiliated Institutions

University of Toronto

Campus Tour

A College tour is a great way to see all that Trinity has to offer, regardless of whether or not you are planning on living in residence. The tour begins at the Office of the Dean of Students, where you can ask questions about student life, and ends at the Registrar’s Office, where you can ask questions about admission to Trinity College or U of T’s courses and programs. Tours are scheduled for specific dates and times and you must register for a tour in advance on-line.


A variety of student services are available. Visit this link for more information:

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