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Utica College

Utica College

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Located in the heart of Central New York, Utica College is a comprehensive, independent, private institution founded in 1946 by Syracuse University. We offer many of the advantages of a large university, such as: undergraduate and graduate degree options, excellent academic programs,and an outstanding faculty, but with an intimacy and a high degree of personal attention more closely associated with smaller private colleges. Utica College offers a broad range of opportunities to grow personally and intellectually, helping you to build a strong foundation for success in your professional life. Students at UC often develop strong relationships with faculty and fellow students, forging bonds of friendship and academic affinity that can last a lifetime.

Areas of Expertise

Utica College offers: 38 undergraduate majors; 31 minors; 21 graduate programs including master's, doctoral, and graduate certificate programs; on-campus and online; numerous pre-professional and special programs; and study abroad opportunities.

On Campus Housing

All students are required to live in college residence halls for their first two years unless residing at home with their parents or legal guardian who live with a 30 mile radius, they are a transfer student who has lived on campus for two years at another institution, or they will be 21 by August of they year they enrol. See more at

Off Campus Housing

There are a variety of apartments located near the UC campus. Students can obtain information from the Utica area Yellow Pages under the listing "Apartments" and from the apartment ads in the Utica Observer-Dispatch.

Incoming Students

Undergraduate students can choose from a wide range of majors in the following schools: School of Arts and Sciences; School of Business and Justice Services; and, the School of Health Professions and Education.

Career Planning

The Office of Career Services endeavors to serve students, in partnership with alumni, employers, faculty, and staff, through the provision of the following services and resources: counseling, assessments, programming, outreach, and recruitment activities. Students will develop self-awareness and actively engage in the career development process, empowering them to make informed career decisions and preparing them to achieve career goals. See more at


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Information Technology

There are several computer labs on campus. While some of the labs were designed to meet the needs of a particular program, all labs are open to students possessing a valid UC identification card. Open hours vary depending on the lab and the class and reservation schedule of the room. All residence halls have internet access.

Special Services

The Office of Learning Services provides advisement, advocacy, and academic support to students who identify themselves as having a disability and to students who are experiencing academic difficulties. Find out more at

International Involvement

The college offers 100 locations in 50 countries for your study abroad experience. Students can choose to study during the fall or spring semester of the academic year or over the summer. Students may enroll in courses that fulfill General Education Core, major, minor or elective credit. Study Abroad opportunities are available to all students. Admission requirements vary by program.

Campus Tour

Simply contact Utica College to arrange a tour. If you live more than 5 hours away, Utica will reimburse part of the cost of your flight into Syracuse or Albany. Open houses and Saturday information sessions are regularly held for prospective students. Arrange a visit here:

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