First Nations University of Canada

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The First Nations University of Canada provides an opportunity for students of all nations to learn in an environment of First Nations cultures and values. The university is a special place of learning where we recognize the spiritual power of knowledge and where knowledge is respected and promoted. In following the paths given to us by the Creator, the First Nations have a unique vision to contribute to higher education. With the diversity and scope of the First Nations degree programs, the university occupies a unique role in Canadian higher education. The university promotes a high quality of education, research and publication.

The University has campuses in Saskatoon, Prince Albert and Regina, and is open to First Nations and non-First Nations students.

Areas of Expertise

The University offers degree and certificate programs in numerous faculties and disciplines. The school provides the opportunity for students to study within an environment of Indian culture and history combining First Nation-oriented and standard areas of study in all programs.

On Campus Housing

The main University of Regina campus offers co-ed residences. A list of on-campus residences can be found on the University of Regina website.

Incoming Students

The University offers tours and information at each of its campuses. Public and student tours provide general guidance for university inquiries, coordinate and provide Regina, Northern and Saskatoon Campus tours, and student tours with student ambassadors.

Career Planning

Job postings are maintained on the school's website.

Information Technology

Each campus of the First Nations University of Canada offers a fully equiped Computer Lab used for Computer Science and other academic programs. When not in use by classes, the computer systems in these labs are accessible free of charge to all students. Student-accessible computer systems are also available in the Library at each campus location. Students obtain access to First Nations University of Canada computer systems through the Registrar's or Student Success Services Office.


The University is guided by the advice of five Elders (three men and two women). They are respected for their spirituality and a link to the traditional ways of First Nations. In addition to our elders as cultural resources, the University hosts an annual Pow Wow each spring.

Campus Tour

Campus tours can be arranged over the phone.

Modified on June 29, 2022