Royal Military College of Canada

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The Royal Military College of Canada's (RMC) uniformed students are educated and trained for careers as commissioned officers in the Canadian Forces. Serving Canadians since 1876, RMC has placed its graduates not only in military service, but also in government, business, and the professions. Almost without exception, the graduates of RMC are found in positions of leadership and responsibility.

RMC occupies a 41 hectare peninsula immediately to the east of downtown Kingston, Ontario. Modern academic, athletic, and residential facilities blend with older, historic buildings. Classes are small, the student/faculty ratio is advantageous, and laboratories are equipped with state of the art essentials. The academic programs in arts, science, and engineering are taught in English and in French, the opportunity to learn and excel in both official languages is a fixture of the institution.

On Campus Housing

Cadets are normally required to live on campus in assigned dormitories. First year students are two to a room. All dormitories are co-educational. When required, married quarters on nearby Canadian Forces Base Kingston are sufficient to meet requirements.

Incoming Students

Recruit orientation precedes first year studies. This orientation introduces students to the history, facilities, and opportunities of RMC while imparting military skills necessary for joining the cadet structure.


As an integrated part of the Royal Military College, the Athletic Department supports the mission of RMC by providing operationally oriented physical education, competitive intramural sports, varsity and recreational club programmes for officer-cadets. These programmes provide extensive leadership development opportunities in an atmosphere that helps instill the values of the Canadian Forces, the College and the Department. This is achieved through mandatory Cadet involvement in physically and mentally challenging activities.


Recreation Clubs are created and organized by Officer Cadets with the primary intent of providing leadership opportunities for students. They also help to develop the social skills of those who choose to get involved and to introduce different leisure and athletic activities to the RMC community that may not already be offered through the varsity and intramural programs.

There are over a dozen clubs available, including astronomy, climbing, expedition, paintball, and theatre. For the full list of clubs, check out RMC's recreation clubs page.

Information Technology

A number of up to date microcomputers and workstation laboratories support teaching activity and individual study. All labs are integrated into local area networks. You have almost unlimited access to the university's computer labs, so you do not need a personal computer, but many cadets bring or purchase one. All dormitory rooms are connected to the local area network and for a small annual fee, you can access the Internet from your room.


A program made up of four interlocking segments dominates the life of an office cadet during the vigorous years at the College. These are academic, military, physical education, and second language training. The RMC cadet mess provides facilities for the training of the Cadet Wing in the customs and practices of a service mess, and has facilities for social and recreational activities, which are an integral part of college life.

Campus Tour

Please send an email to to register for our live on-line presentation for potential undergraduate students and a Question-and-Answer session, brought to you by the RMC Liaison Office. The sessions will begin at 1:30 p.m. (EST) on Mondays and Thursdays and will be one hour in length.

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