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Located in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia, NSCAD has three campuses within the city’s downtown core.

NSCAD has a long history of progressive art-making, dating back to the mid-1960’s when our campus was a haven for the conceptual art movement in North America. Located in Halifax, Nova Scotia – a coastal city with a highly diverse art scene – today the NSCAD community is filled with internationally recognized artists, designers, researchers, and scholars.

Areas of Expertise

The University fosters close creative relationships among artists, craftspersons, designers, educators, academics, and the public at large, and assumes leadership in the regional, national, and international cultural community. Ample studio space accommodates work in all the principal areas of instruction and is accessible, in most areas, on a 24-hour basis.

On Campus Housing

NSCAD does not operate a residence. Residence space, however, may be available to NSCAD students through Dalhousie University. If you are interested, apply early. Applications can be downloaded from their website at www.housing.dal.ca.

Off Campus Housing

NSCAD University does not maintain a residence, and students are therefore responsible for making their own accommodation arrangements in the Halifax/Dartmouth area. An arrangement with Saint Mary’s University gives equal priority to NSCAD students for residence spaces at SMU (see below for more details). Many students rent furnished rooms from private owners or share an apartment, flat or house with other students. As new students get to know other students at the university, opportunities for less expensive shared rentals begin to occur.

Incoming Students

Our foundation program, designed to develop knowledge of fine arts, crafts, and design, and to establish groundwork for subsequent specialization, starts with orientation week. English tutors and study skills workshops are available. The University also employs a Learning Disabilities Resources Facilitator.

Career Planning

Career Services offers many valuable resources: JOB JUNCTION is a valuable resource for youth seeking employment. Whether you’re looking for your first job, a step up, or a complete career change, we can help make the journey a little easier. Job Junction is a free service, open to anyone and everyone who is looking for information about employment. As well, the Office of Student Experience maintains a searchable list of student job postings. In addition to the searchable database, please check the listings posted outside of the OSE office.


There are several special-interest clubs established with the support of the Students Union. Students are encouraged to start new clubs as well.

Information Technology

NSCAD's Multimedia Centre houses computer and audio-visual facilities, and supports various teaching programs. Our computer software supports digital video editing, graphic design, page layout, image making, animation, interactive programming, multimedia and word processing. Audio-visual equipment includes slide projectors and portable audio and video recorders. The photography department houses both traditional facilities and advanced workstations in innovative digital technology. Internet access is provided in the library and through other arrangements.


The University's Anna Leonowens Gallery presents work to the public relating to activities within the college. Our Visiting Artists Program and the Public Lecture Series allow for many visual arts professionals from around the world to visit the campus for lectures and workshops.

Special Services

NSCAD houses counselling and psychological Services, health services, English tutoring, and services for students with learning disabilities. Services for students with disabilities, Black student advisors, and Native student advisors are also available to NSCAD students.

International Involvement

Students are eligible for exchange programs with more than 70 institutions in 15 countries, including institutions in Portugal, England, Australia, Scotland, France, Germany, Ireland, Holland, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Ghana, Japan, and the United States of America.

Campus Tour

Tours are arranged on an individual basis during regular semesters through the Admissions Office.

Modified on August 25, 2020

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