International Business University

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International Business University is a new and exciting opportunity in downtown Toronto for high school students and working professionals who wish to complete their university degree. We are an independent, student-focused post-secondary institution presenting a unique program designed to equip the next generation of business leaders with the skills they will need to launch their careers.

IBU’s mission is to help each student find a career that fuels their passion. Our key values include creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment for all of our students, faculty, and staff. The curriculum of our inaugural Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in International Management and Technology program (BComm Honours IMT) delivers the mindset, skills, and knowledge that employers seek in the next generation of professional talent.

Areas of Expertise

IBU is the first home grown, not-for-profit, independent Ontario university focusing on a personalized higher education model for our students.

IBU provides one-on-one mentoring and academic advising throughout the student’s journey at IBU. We limit each class size to 30 students to make sure each student gets the best guidance and individual attention. We tell our students that at IBU, your professors will know your name.

By each student, we mean each and every student.

Career Planning

The curriculum combines foundational, management, and specialized knowledge and skills. This content is applied in real-world settings and integrated within a learning framework that is both rigorous and relevant.

By combining industry needs with rigorous academic preparation, our Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in International Management and Technology will provide a firm foundation for your success in a broad range of business-related fields. Some of the core business courses you’ll be taking include Introduction to International Business, Applied Economics, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Project Management, Advanced Data Analysis, and Global Strategy.


Our campus space is being designed to include large common room areas conducive to group discussions. Extra-curricular activities on campus will include seminars, conferences and workshops, involving faculty and partners from local and international business, as well as non profit and public sector organizations. These activities will be augmented by conferences drawing together scholars, businesspeople, and public policy experts to explore key challenges and emerging priorities in business today. Campus life is up to you: get involved!

Information Technology

The IBU library is digital. Contact IBU’s librarian if you need assistance to access the library.

Special Services

Academic Accommodation supports students with diagnosed disabilities through the development of Academic Accommodation Plans that the student can share with faculty and staff. These can include, for example, allocation of longer times for tests or requests for a note taker. Course materials follow AODA standards and are developed and available in digital form in the Learning Management System for easier use with accessibility tools.

Modified on October 13, 2021