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Canadian Students
Entrance: 0Lowest: $1,000Highest: $3,000
In-School: 0Lowest: $750Highest: $750

Notes for Canadian Students

If you are eligible and approved, IBU will defer up to one-hundred percent (100%) of your program tuition and book fees until after you graduate and get a job. In order to continue receiving the IBU financial assistance, you must meet the academic progress requirements during the program. Funds from scholarships and bursaries are applied directly to tuition and other student fees owing. IBU Financial Aid is absolutely interest-free. The student will only pay back the total tuition and book cost incurred during the study. There will be no interest charge to the financial aid package.

The student will have a chance to have 25% of the total financial aid waived if they graduate with an average CGPA of 4.0 and up.

The student will have a one-year grace period after they graduate to start the payment. Students have an option to choose a payment plan up to 5 years in length, based on their income level after the grace period ends.

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Modified on October 13, 2021