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The University of Cambridge is one of the world's leading universities, providing a challenging, flexible and individual learning experience. Consistently rated among the top in national and international league tables, the University is globally respected for the quality of our teaching and research, and our students are greatly sought after by employers.

Areas of Expertise

We offer more than 65 subjects within our 30 undergraduate courses (take a look at the course outlines in the courses profiles and the subject A-Z for details). Most of our courses cover the subject area broadly to start with before allowing you to choose from a range of specialisms. This can offer you much greater flexibility than more narrowly focused courses elsewhere.

You're taught by experts in your field through a combination of lectures, practicals (where relevant), seminars, and regular small-group tuition known as 'supervision'. These allow you to explore course material in much greater depth, investigate new approaches, receive regular feedback and clarify anything you're unsure about.

On Campus Housing

At Cambridge, rather than choosing a hall of residence for your first year of study, you live in a College, or College owned accommodation, for the full duration of your course. The majority of students are guaranteed accommodation in College-owned property for three years, and many Colleges provide for fourth-year students too, so you don’t have to find private accommodation during that time. Your College is where you do a lot of your studying and socialising, and each College community offers pastoral and academic support.

See individual College websites for details of the locations of accommodation.

Career Planning

Once you're at Cambridge, you can work with our dedicated Careers Service from day one to explore your career options. The team of experienced and impartial careers advisers can help you connect with employers and navigate the complex job market, saving you time and maximising your employability prospects. The Careers Service run a range of workshops on topics including choosing a career, cover letters, applications and getting ready for interviews. They also organise more than 200 careers events and briefing and skills sessions, and typically around 15 major careers fairs each year.

See the Careers Service website for further information.


Sport at Cambridge is supported by our world-class facilities. Opened in 2013, the University Sports Centre has a fitness suite, sports hall, squash and fives courts, studios and team training room used by international performance athletes. The Sports Service also maintains dedicated athletics and hockey facilities at Wilberforce Road Sports Ground, while cricket and tennis have their home at Fenner's, one of the country's most historic and iconic sports venues. The newly opened Cambridge Ice Arena is home to the University's Ice Hockey teams and a range of other club and college grounds are available across the city, catering to rugby, rowing, and many other sports besides.


University is about trying new things. At Cambridge, you can do almost anything at almost any level, from 'having a go' to semi-professional. Your extra-curricular activities might provide a springboard for careers or be part of life beyond university too.

There are clubs and societies dedicated to programs, religions, sports, and more. For a full list of the available clubs and societies, check out the Societies Directory.

Special Services

The transition to university study and living away from home can be a big change for many of our students. If you need a bit of extra support while at the University, whether that's with your academic work or personal issues, we have an extensive welfare system in place.

We provide assistance with student wellbeing, whether that's physical or mental aid, the Disability Resource Centre, or the University Counselling Service.

Campus Tour

Explore the University virtually via a range of information, 360 degree photography, articles and videos from our Colleges and departments. A great way to hear directly from our staff and students, the Virtual Tour gives you a sense of the collegiate University and what it’s like to study here. Visit to start exploring.

Modified on February 08, 2024

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