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BPP University is one of the UK’s leading private universities dedicated to business and the professions. Over 3,300 (around 34%) of BPP University’s students are international. Our training courses and degree programmes are designed to help you break into some of the most respected and prestigious careers.

We aim to bridge the gap between education and professional practice with our range of affordable and flexible degree programmes, all taught by tutors with first-hand practitioner experience. Whether you are looking to specialise in accounting and finance, law, banking, health, or business and management, BPP University offers a variety of degrees designed to enhance employability and challenge tomorrow’s business and professional people in a supportive learning environment. BPP University has study centres in six of the UK’s leading cities including London, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Abingdon, a town near Oxford. Wherever you plan to study, you’ll find modern learning centres, excellent student support, high living standards and an exciting diverse culture. All of our centres are located near to commerce, finance or healthcare districts, giving you close contact with many of the businesses and institutions that set the standard for graduate recruitment in the UK. BPP University is licensed by the UK Border Agency and has accreditation from the Quality Assurance Agency

Areas of Expertise

Thinking about studying law? BPP Law School has a legal course to suit every level. Whether that's our Pathway to Legal Studies programme, our selection of LLB's or our Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) for those who wish to convert to law from an existing degree.

BPP University School of Health combines the academic excellence of a university with the real-life focus of a professional environment. Offering hands-on, practice-based programmes in Dentistry, Psychology and Nursing, we integrate theoretical and practical studies within a clinical setting.

Incoming Students

Each building at BPP University is equipped with the very latest eLearning and technology facilities. All BPP University learning centres have dedicated computer equipment and study areas for student use. The study centre environments are very similar to the one you will encounter in a city law firm or business or professional organisation, which will put you at ease in these surroundings and prepare you for professional practice from day one. Learn more about student life and services at http://www.bppstudents.com

Career Planning

BPP University Careers Service offers a comprehensive range of services to enable you to achieve your career goals. We can provide help and support to assist you in securing a graduate role on completion of your studies or help you develop your career skills and knowledge to enter or progress in a wide range of careers.


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