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All of Summit's programs will equip you to serve in what we often refer to as the "people-helping" professions. We have graduates that serve in local churches as pastors, worship directors, counselors and teachers. We also have grads that serve in the not-for-profit sector, both here in Canada and globally. Others have combined their Summit degree with another course of study and are serving as registered clinical counselors, education assistants, and first-responders in many communities in our province. Whether you are interested in music, counseling, pastoral leadership, not-for-profit leadership, cross cultural studies or our one year Omega Global program, you will discover that we have designed a program that will equip you for your chosen calling. Summit's graduate studies faculty will help equip those with an undergraduate degree to continue life-long learning in the field of Biblical studies, and enable some to fulfill the requirements of credentialing with the PAOC at a graduate level. As well, our unique relationship with Trinity Western University provides an opportunity for students to study at Summit for one or two years, and then transition to one of Trinity's degree programs. At Summit, we seek to combine a quality academic experience with seasons of spiritual discipleship, personal mentoring and professional development. All of these dynamics occur within a vibrant and supportive Christian community. You will make friendships here that will last a lifetime, and discover a faculty and staff that take a personal interest in each student on campus.

Areas of Expertise

Summit Pacific College exists to educate, equip and enrich Christians for Spirit-empowered ministry in the Church and in the world.

On Campus Housing

All single, full-time students (under age 25) are required to live in residence, unless living with parents/legal guardian or close relative. Accommodation assignment is handled by the Deans of Students and consists of 2 per room. There is limited accommodation for housing married students on campus. A written request with a $300 apartment damage deposit for a one or two bedroom apartment is to be submitted to the Business Administrator and is considered on a first come first serve basis. The apartment damage deposit is returned if no accommodation is available. Omega Global students are required to live on campus regardless of age, (except with approved Appeal). The college reserves the right to revoke off-campus living privileges of students under 25 years of age at any time. In order to qualify for residency, students must take at least 12 credits during the semester. Students taking less than 12 credits must petition the Dean of Students to live in residence as part-time students.

Off Campus Housing

Students wishing to live off campus must receive prior authorization from the Dean of Students. Students are strongly advised not to enter into a lease agreement before obtaining approval for off-campus status. Having a lease in place will not be a factor for consideration of a request. Students may not live with a member of the opposite sex other than their spouse or family members.

Incoming Students

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Information Technology

Wireless connectivity is available campus-wide. Computers located in the Library provide access to print services for a nominal fee. The college network is monitored by a system-wide accountability software. Students are provided with a student email address upon registration. This email address is used by instructors and administration to contact students as necessary. It is important that students check their email regularly. The student Summit email address may be linked to a personal email account.

Special Services

Summit values a community emphasis in Christian spiritual formation. The community gathers regularly in a variety of settings for corporate worship.

Affiliated Institutions

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International Involvement

The OMEGA one-year discipleship program begins in September and continues for nine consecutive months. OMEGA Global includes a 3-4 week international missions trip to a foreign country. The “intercultural missions” experience is mandatory for all students in OMEGA Global. To date, OMEGA teams have ministered in countries such as Brazil, Britain, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Guatemala, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine, and the U.S.A.

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