Booth University College

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Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), Booth University College is a Christian institution rooted in The Salvation Army's 150-year history of meeting the needs of the most vulnerable in society. Deeply committed to social justice, we blend Christian faith and rigorous scholarship with a passion for service. Our approach to learning is anchored in academic excellence and based on a vision of social justice, hope and mercy for all.

For today's changing world, students should be well-versed in literature, philosophy, history, religion, the fine arts and the social and physical sciences. With this foundation in place, our students are prepared to pursue knowledge in their chosen field of expertise. Whether that field is the humanities, the social sciences or a professional degree, exposure to the broad range of human knowledge makes our graduates better people and better citizens. The integration of this knowledge with a Christian world-view prepares our students to explore the boundaries of knowledge with courage and commitment.

With the mentoring care of committed professors and instructors, we expect our students to tackle the most difficult and complex issues of our day with hope and confidence.

Areas of Expertise

Booth University College, rooted in The Salvation Army's Wesleyan theological tradition, brings together Christian faith, rigorous scholarship and a passion for service. The University College educates students to understand the complexities of our world, to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be active contributors to society, and to know how Christian faith compels them to bring hope, social justice and mercy into our world.

On Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Female only:48 bedsLowest: $5,550Highest: $5,550
Male only:48 bedsLowest: $5,550Highest: $5,550

Cost includes two meals per day, Monday to Friday.

Off Campus Housing

While we encourage first year students to live in residence, many of our adult and married students choose to live off campus. We want you to feel a part of this community. We offer commuter students your own group lounge and also invite you to attend our all-college events. As well, we ask that you join us for worship in chapel on the days you have classes. As only residence fees include special events, some additional fees may apply.

Incoming Students

There are so many great reasons to choose Booth UC! Academic excellence and rigourous scholarship, passionate about service learning, accessible professors, supports for student services (including free unlimited tutoring), safe and secure campus and our central downtown location means you'll study in the heart of Winnipeg!

We offer:

  • 5 Bachelor of Arts Programs: Psychology, English and Film Studies, Behavioural Sciences, Religion, General Studies;
  • 2 Professional Degree Programs: BSW (including direct entry for high school students), BBA (majors:Accounting, Financial Crimes, Management & Innovation, Marketing & Communications).

In addition, we offer a one year Certificate of Christian Studies and a two year Diploma in Business Administration.


The Student Life Committee at Booth University College provides both social and spiritual events on a regular basis. Social events could include banquets, day trips to the beach or the States, an Oscar Gala, roller-skating, bowling, barbecues and video nights. Spiritual events could include the 30 Hour Famine, concerts, Bible studies and mentoring groups.

Information Technology

A computer lab with 24 hour access is available including ports for laptop use. Each classroom is outfitted with Smart Board technology.


Booth University College provides students with an education that occurs in more than just the classroom. The entire city of Winnipeg and surrounding area is available as our campus. We strongly encourage our students to get involved in cultural events and sporting events that take place within our city.

Here are some examples:

  • The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
  • Art Gallery
  • Holocaust Museum
  • Winnipeg Blue Bombers (football - CFL)
  • Winnipeg Goldeyes (baseball)
  • The Royal Winnipeg Ballet
  • Manitoba Moose (AHL Hockey)
  • Homer's Odyssey at the Ruins
  • Oak Hammock Marsh walks
  • Jon Buller concerts
  • Paddlewheel Riverboat
  • the Manitoba Museum

Affiliated Institutions

Booth University College has been affiliated with many other fine learning institutions. Some of these partnerships date back to 1992. Affiliations with the Universities of Manitoba and Winnipeg, Jerusalem University College and Simon Fraser University allow students to further their education through cross-credited courses, engage in graduate level studies leading to the Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree, study abroad and access resources and expertise that enhance Booth University College's capacity to deliver extended learning curriculum.

International Involvement

In September 2000, Booth University College became an associate school of Jerusalem University College. As an associate school, Booth University College is able to make available to its students the programs of JUC. Students are able to take short courses or entire semester programs in Jerusalem for credit toward the completion of their Booth University College degree program.

Campus Tour

Get in touch with us and we will arrange for you to come in for your own personal visit. We will answer your questions, let you meet staff and students, sit in on a class, give you a free meal, and give you a tour! We want everyone to have the chance to check out our awesome school, so let us know if you are interested!


Booth University College encourages students to live out their Christian faith through active service. Opportunities for ministry in Winnipeg may include Street or Prison Ministry, Gang Outreach, Homework Clubs within the public school system, visitation to Senior Homes and Youth for Christ.

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