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Steinbach Bible College

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SBC was established in 1936 to provide students with an opportunity to expand their bible knowledge. Our program has grown to integrate biblical teaching into all aspects of learning whether that is bible study, ministry development, or general arts courses. Bible, discipleship, community, and mission have driven the ministry of SBC since it’s beginning. These values continue as the basis of the learning process in all the educational programs of the College. At SBC, we are about more than just academics. Our goal at SBC is to give you an education that is relevant for life. No matter what program you're in, you will be introduced to hands-on ministry each year to give you opportunities to put your faith into action. This is partly done through our Mission X program, a life-changing experience for all involved.

Areas of Expertise

Whether it's reaching out to the needs of a fellow classmate, giving out soup in inner-city Winnipeg, showing love to a native child in northern Manitoba, or speaking Spanish with a fellow Christian in Cuba - living out love is a vital component to any program you may choose to take at SBC. Prepare for ministry with one of our certificate, diploma, or degree programs. Majors include Bible/Theology, Christian Studies, Global Mission, Pastoral, Peer Counselling, Youth, or Worship Arts.

On Campus Housing

Steinbach Bible College has a men’s and a women’s residence just steps from the dining area, student lounge, and classrooms. The SBC residence is not just another place to live, but a unique opportunity to grow spiritually, study God’s word, build constructive friendships and learn to live with others.

Off Campus Housing

See Steinbach Bible College housing bulletin online.

Incoming Students

You will be a part of a care group that meets on a weekly basis. A student leader will lead your group and this will provide a regular opportunity for you to share your needs and pray for each other. SBC provides a friendly, positive atmosphere where development of the student’s Christian life is priority. The college is committed to standards of conduct both on and off campus that reflect the highest Christian principles in personal habits, interpersonal relationships, and activities. Campus life is under the direction of the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women. Student guidance includes an orientation program for new students. Counselling is provided for students throughout the semester in the areas of personal problems, interpersonal relationships, academic difficulties, and vocational choices. Those needing further information about student life are encouraged to view a copy of the Student Handbook.

Career Planning

At SBC, we are about more than just academics. Our goal at SBC is to give you an education that is relevant for life. No matter what program you're in, you will be introduced to hands-on ministry each year to give you opportunities to put your faith into action. This is partly done through our Mission X program, a life-changing experience for all involved. SBC is a good place to experience spiritual growth. The primary goal of the faculty is to see students grow closer to God and become passionate about serving Him, no matter where they go after graduation. They all teach on the basis of our core values and are all highly qualified in their field. They are wonderful mentors for all on campus and work together to train their students to become servant leaders.


The College enters into and even hosts some community leagues that offer good competition and friendly involvement in the community. These sports include volleyball, indoor soccer, and basketball. College facilities and equipment are available for student use. Please see the Athletic Assistants for access to the equipment storage rooms. Scheduled activities take precedence over recreational use of facilities and equipment.


The annual All College Retreat takes place each September at Red Rock Bible Camp in Manitoba's beautiful Whiteshell Provincial Park. It is a weekend designed to build community, friendship and set the spiritual direction for the year. One day each semester, the student body has a Community Day when classes are cancelled and time is spent in prayer and devotional sessions, singing, testimonies and social activities. These days are a time for spiritual and community building.


The Student Council, elected by the student body, guides the student body in matters of policy and practice. Members of the Council serve as representatives on the various student committees such as Yearbook, Literary, Chapel, Spiritual Life and others. Student representatives also serve on various faculty-initiated committees such as the All College Retreat, Impact and the Mission Exposure Committees.

Information Technology

College students have access to a computer lab to facilitate in preparing their assignments. Internet access is available in the library and college computer labs between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.


Free Servant is SBC’s worship team. Free Servant leads worship in chapel, at youth events, at on-campus events and in churches. Their purpose is to draw the congregation closer to God through spirit-filled worship. SBC’s Chorale is a 30-voice choir that performs at a variety of campus events, churches and schools throughout the year. Their repertoire includes sacred, spirituals, classical and contemporary pieces. If you join Chorale, expect a weekend tour during the second semester. New Creation is SBC’s drama troupe. This 6-member drama team spends the college year preparing various sketches as well as full-length production for ministry in schools, communities and church groups throughout southeastern Manitoba. After graduation, New Creation will go on a two week tour in Canada. Auditions for ministry teams are held during registration week.

Special Services

All students who live in residence are also on the meal plan. This consists of breakfast, lunch and supper on Sunday through Friday and brunch and supper on Saturday. Students are expected to sign in if they plan on eating in the cafeteria on the weekends, but there is no extra charge. If students cannot make it to a meal because of a ministry deputation or work, they have the option of requesting a bag breakfast/lunch/supper beforehand at no extra cost.

Campus Tour

We would love to meet all of you before orientation day! Feel free to e-mail Cathy or call her at 1-800-230-8478 ext. 232 to set up a day to meet some of the faculty, see the school, and sit in on some classes. Discovery Days is also a great way to visit the campus and meet some of the people with whom you will share your college experience.


A well-equipped modern hospital and a medical clinic are within a few minutes of the campus. All students are covered by health insurance through registration at SBC. Resident students receive home-style meals in the cafeteria. Cafeteria schedules are listed outside the dining hall. Off-campus students may purchase meal tickets at the college office. Coin operated machines are available for use by on-campus students. Mailboxes for on-campus and commuting students are provided. You may have your mail forwarded to the college address. SBC provides parking for students who have vehicles. Electrical car plugs are available for a fee. Drivers are expected to obey all regulations pertaining to the use of motor vehicles.

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