Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools

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Saskatoon is the best city in Canada in which to live (Places Rated Almanac). It is a safe, clean, beautiful university city. It boasts the #1 education in Canada (Places Rated Almanac 97.45/100). Saskatoon Catholic Schools won the Language Travel Magazine Star High School Program Award for 2006 and 2007. Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools is a publicly funded Catholic school division on the western Canadian prairies with a student population of 15,000. Our international program is located in five high schools with student enrolments of 850 each and two new elementary schools with student enrolments of 350 each. These schools are located in beautiful, safe neighbourhoods with new housing. The city of Saskatoon is a lovely, green city of 230,000 situated on the banks of the Saskatchewan River. As a university city, it is open, friendly, and multicultural. We have a large population of young people.

Areas of Expertise

We are quite proud of our programs, our excellent academic record, our students, the commitment of our teachers, and the reasonable cost to our students. As Catholic schools, our mission is to assist parents in the development of the adolescent in intellectual, spiritual, physical, and social growth. We believe that education should develop the whole person based on the Gospel values of justice, freedom, and charity. We offer a full range of academic courses as set out by the Saskatchewan Department of Education including Honours Levels and Advanced Placement options. French Bilingual schools and French Immersion programs give students the opportunity of becoming fluent in both of Canada's official languages. Students are well prepared for post-secondary schooling. Many of our graduates are scholarship winners to universities throughout North America. We offer English as a Second Language classes for credit. ESL program content is individualized with a balanced emphasis on speaking, reading, writing, and listening. The amount of time spent in ESL depends upon the individual's needs. Tutorial classes are also offered to help the ESL student in other academic areas. By reviewing and reinforcing subject specific teaching concepts, strategies, and language, students increase their chance of success in academic disciplines as well as develop English language skills. ESL offers preparation for TOEFL and computer software designed specifically for English language training.

Off Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Homestay:Lowest: $600Highest: $600

Saskatoon Catholic Schools homestay program provides international students with a safe and caring home where they can be part of a family, learn about Canadian culture, and practice their fluency in English. The program is monitored by the Saskatoon Catholic Schools to ensure that host families provide an appropriate experience for each student. The location of the homestay will have reasonable access to school and other activity centres by public transportation. Homestays are selected with care, screened closely, and regularly monitored. The cost of finding, screening, and establishing the original homestay is included in the tuition fee. The homestay fee is $500.00 per month for a private room and three meals a day. It is important that applicants apply early enough that an appropriate and suitable homestay accommodation can be arranged.


A full range of extracurricular and intramural programs is available. Some of the sports teams include basketball, cross country, badminton, soccer, track and field, volleyball, football, and wrestling.


Dances, BBQ, skiing, etc.


Students explore personal interests through social activities such as band, drama, choir, the environmental club, the school newspaper, yearbook, and the photography club.

Information Technology

Schools are equipped with the latest in computers in labs, classrooms, and resource centres. Internet services are provided to the student's homestay as part of the tuition fee.


Schools are designed with bright, comfortable learning environments and modern teaching facilities. Spacious designs are enhanced by natural lighting and a distinctive, welcoming atmosphere. Science and computer labs employ the latest in technological resources. Large, multipurpose theatres are centres for the performing arts. Resource centres, practical arts labs, and fine arts wings are state of the art educational facilities. Double sized gymnasia are equipped with full weight rooms.

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