Greater Victoria School District 61

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Victoria offers a program involving public secondary schools accepting international students. All of the schools involved offer quality programs in academic areas, fine arts, business, computer studies, and athletics. The District provides quality education for more than 21,000 students in 29 elementary schools, ten middle schools, and seven secondary schools. Each year, over 1,200 adult learners register with our Continuing Education program.

Victoria is Canada's warmest city with a pleasant climate and many parks that result in it being called "A City of Gardens". It is the capital city of British Columbia and enjoys a high level of education and culture. Victoria has a safe, efficient bus system, shopping and restaurants, theatre and opera, art galleries, and many recreational facilities. Victoria is also home to two universities, a college, a conservatory of music, and a college of art, as well as excellent instruction in dance and a wide range of athletic activities. Travel to Victoria is by air via Vancouver or by government ferry from Vancouver.

Areas of Expertise

The Victoria International Education, a division of the Greater Victoria School District prepares students from around the world with a quality education. Proficiency in English and a familiarity with North American culture are intrinsic to the program. Successful completion and graduation from the program with an acceptable grade point average allows students to enter directly into post-secondary colleges and universities throughout North America.

On Campus Housing

Not applicable.

Off Campus Housing

International students participating in the our homestay program will feel welcome,comfortable and secure. Students are placed into supportive, stable homes with Canadian families, arranged and supervised by our program staff.

Homestay provides an invaluable, authentic insight into the Canadian way of life and opportunities to improve English language skills. As a result, students will move with ease and confidence in Canadian society.

Incoming Students

We offer an orientation program for international students prior to the start of school. Staff or resource people are available who speak Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. Within the community, assistance in many other languages is also available. International students have the assistance of special student advisors, as well as school counsellors and 7 full-time homestay coordinators.

Career Planning

Career planning courses are offered in high school.


An integral sports program is offered in every school. The variety of choices is wide ranging for both indoor and outdoor sports. Students are encouraged to join in extracurricular sporting activities as a way of mixing with Canadian friends outside of the classroom.


Club activities are plentiful and wide ranging in every school.


Our schools are equipped with science labs, libraries, gymnasiums, computer labs, and fine arts facilities, along with well-designed classrooms.

Modified on March 15, 2021