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Stanstead College

Stanstead College

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Since 1872, Stanstead College has provided a challenging academic program for boys and girls entering Grades 7 through 12 without distinction as to religion, race, language, national, or cultural origin. Situated just north of the American border states of Vermont and New Hampshire in the beautiful eastern townships, the College offers a unique opportunity to experience the heritage and culture of Quebec through living and learning. By promoting a healthy lifestyle, fostering a strong sense of citizenship, and motivating students to become intellectually self-reliant, the faculty and staff encourage every student to reach his or her full potential. While the Stanstead College curriculum is recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Education of the province of Quebec, the College retains independent control of academic standards and enrolment policies. As a result, students of any mother tongue may apply for admission without requiring a "Certificate of Eligibility". Stanstead brings together students from across Canada, the U.S., and abroad, forming a diverse community in which leadership, scholarship, and personal growth are fostered.

On Campus Housing

Boys and girls live in four different houses: Bugbee - junior boys; Colby - junior girls; Davis - senior boys; and Webster - senior girls. Each residence has a live-in House Director and an assistant House Director.


Stanstead College has splendid indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The sports complex is well planned, equipped, and maintained. It includes a full-size gymnasium with basketball, volleyball, and badminton courts, in addition to a fitness centre complete with the latest in weights and fitness training equipment. The school also has access to a nearby aquatic and fitness centre. The arena contains a full-size artificial ice surface providing a superb facility for the College's hockey program. Outdoor facilities include tennis courts, soccer fields, football field, softball diamonds, and a quarter mile track. Private cross-country ski trails are situated nearby and some of the best alpine ski hills in Quebec are located within 50 kilometres of the school. A beautiful 18-hole golf course is situated just north of the campus.


Students may want to refine public speaking abilities, pursue equestrian interests, paddle a kayak, or sing in the choir. These co-curricular activities provide the chance to expand horizons, share new interests with friends, and develop unique skills.


Clubs serve to complement the academic programme. Over twenty club activities are offered throughout the year including kayaking, investment club, drama, yearbook, Web site, and many more!

Information Technology

Stanstead College is a leader in the curriculum integration of information and computer technology. Our focus is on small class sizes and personal guidance combined with access to information and resources from around the world.


Stanstead College is a member of the Round Square Association of Schools. With 50 member schools located on five continents, it offers excellent opportunities for multilateral, international student exchanges, and service projects. Other bilateral exchange programs also exist.

International Involvement

Stanstead's international, multi-cultural student body is made up of students from over 15 different countries and all continents.

Campus Tour

Please contact the Admissions Office in order to plan a visit to the school. Visitors are welcomed year-round.


The well-equipped health centre at Stanstead is supervised by a live-in registered nurse. A local physician is "on call" to give special or emergency medical attention.

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