Metropolitan Preparatory Academy

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Metropolitan Preparatory Academy is a semestered, coeducational, university preparatory day school located in mid-town Toronto. Since 1982, Metro Prep Academy has been preparing Middle School (grades 7-8) and High School (grades 9-12) students to realize their highest potential. The school provides a structured environment with small classes that are geared for success at the university level. We imitate no one. We are totally original in thought and actions.

Metro Prep Academy is committed to nurturing the intellectual, physical, social and creative potential of students through a supportive yet challenging academic environment. The school places emphasis on the individual, where strengths are refined and weaknesses are overcome through academic and social supports. The faculty at Metropolitan Preparatory Academy is integral in fostering a safe environment where students feel confident expressing their individuality, thinking critically and receiving the assistance needed to excel. In order to facilitate an optimal learning environment, organizational skills and study habits are emphasized, along with teacher-parent communication.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strong Academics for University-Oriented Students
  • Individualized University Guidance Program
  • Annual Excursions to NYC, Washington and West Virginia (Rafting, Zip lining)
  • Extensive Athletic Programs, specializing in Basketball
  • Theatre Program- Acting, Directing and Design
  • Advanced Media Arts and Fine Arts Programs
  • Metro Prep Alternative Orchestra
  • Comprehensive Mathematics and Science Program
  • Charter Member Small Schools Athletic Federation
  • Welcoming Environment without Uniforms

Off Campus Housing

Metro Prep’s Homestay Program is unlike any other high school Homestay Program in Canada. There is no better way to learn or improve knowledge about culture and a language than to live in one of our homes. By living with a family, our students are given the opportunity to share in meals, conversation, life experiences, and daily activities. All students have their own well-designed rooms located within minutes of the school campus. Metro Prep homestay families are motivated by the idea of making cross-cultural friendships, ensuring academic success and providing a safe living environment. All homestay families get to know each student as an individual and continue the relationship after the homestay experience is over. All host families are carefully selected. What makes our Metro Prep’s Program so unique is that the homestay experience is much like a real “HOME away from home”. Students get the benefit of living with a wonderful family while also living in the same home as their classmates and therefore learn to interact as siblings and classmates, much like a dormitory experience.

Incoming Students

Metro Prep is a co-ed, traditional private school for university-oriented students from grades 7 to 12. Metro Prep is committed to fostering the intellectual, physical, social and creative potential of students through a supportive yet challenging academic environment, as well as extensive extracurricular activities. The school’s exceptional facilities speak to its dedication to providing students with the ability to excel in all areas. Science and computer labs, art studios, Theatre with tech booth, library, gymnasium and fitness studio lend themselves to all areas of sport and study.

Career Planning

University Prep Guidance Program. From the first day of classes until graduation, all students are prepared for university and guided through each stage of preparation by all faculty members. All students have the support of a dedicated guidance counsellor to assist with post-secondary planning, and can also take the opportunity to travel to Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Cornell to explore Ivy League educational opportunities through preliminary interviews and admissions meetings.


As a member of the Small School Athletic Federation (SSAF), Metro Prep competes with schools throughout the region. We have many awards to our credit, including over 65 championship pennants. In addition to interscholastic competition, we offer fun teacher-student challenges and lunchtime intramural sports for middle school students.


In addition to the wide range of athletics, Metro Prep also focuses on experiential learning within the community and the world outside the class. Skiing, hiking, zip lining, white water rafting and biking excursions, along with annual trips to West Virginia, Washington DC and New York, are all part of a Metropolitan Preparatory Academy education.


Metro Prep offers a wide variety of clubs; some current options are archery, art, business, chess, debating, mountain biking, music, robotics and rock climbing.

Information Technology

Metro Prep has three computer labs and offers students and parents a new state-of-the art website! The website is designed to help students and parents engage and connect better with the Metro Prep community, and allows access to updated grade and classroom pages.


As a non-denominational school with students from many cultures, we pride ourselves on being a close-knit community. Students have often described their Metro Prep experience as an extended family and a second home.

Campus Tour

Contact us at 416-285-0870 to book a tour of our facilities(classrooms, science labs, computer labs, art studio, theatre, cafeteria, library, gymnasium and complete fitness studio), meet the Principal (Wayne McKelvey) along with students and faculty. It is a great way to learn more about our academic/university prep curriculum and experience supportive environment first hand.

Modified on April 01, 2015