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Appleby College is an independent school for 740 young men and women in Grades 7 to 12 located in Oakville, Ontario (40 kilometres west of Toronto). Founded in 1911, Appleby offers a quality education to both boarding and day students. The e-school@appleby™ program integrates technology into the curriculum at every grade level. The campus is completely networked, and all students and faculty have Lenovo X41 Tablet computers. Appleby’s residential and day students choose from a wide variety of traditional and innovative courses. In addition to a challenging academic curriculum, Appleby offers extensive athletic, arts, and community service programs, allowing students the opportunity to enhance their skills and explore new interests.

Areas of Expertise

Appleby students are well rounded, participating not only in the classroom, but also in a full range of co-curricular activities. Students take part in the arts, athletics programs, and perform community service both in the school, the Oakville community, and internationally through Round Square service projects. A defining feature of our curriculum, however, is the e-school@appleby™ program. Lenovo X41 Tablet computers are integrated in the curriculum at every grade level, and each classroom is equipped with projectors and SMART Boards.

On Campus Housing

 # BedsLowestHighest
Female only:131 beds
Male only:128 beds

Appleby has four boarding houses (two boys' and two girls' residences).

Career Planning

The Guidance program is mandatory in all grade levels. Students participate in a range of discussions and activities designed to promote healthy interpersonal relationships, positive self image, and group work. Upper and Senior year Guidance classes include career and university counselling.


Whatever the sport, Appleby offers it! Students select from a wide range of intramural sports for all grade levels including rock climbing, soccer, basketball, volleyball, squash, tennis, badminton, lacrosse, floor hockey, martial arts, rugby, fitness, and triathlon training. The focus is on fitness and fun, along with skills development and a sense of healthy competition. Appleby offers numerous chances for competition for all grade and skill levels. Fall sports include basketball, cross country, football, soccer, volleyball, and field hockey. Winter sports offered are alpine skiing, hockey, squash, and swimming. Spring sports include badminton, golf, rugby, softball, synchronized swimming, and tennis. Staffed by enthusiastic and well trained coaches, the Appleby Athletic program provides each and every student with dynamic and exciting sports experiences. The program teaches basic skills, good sportsmanship, and teamwork. Students are offered extensive choices in both intramural and intercollegiate sports, and have opportunities to compete at a variety of skill levels. The ultimate goals of the Athletic program are to encourage a pursuit of personal fitness and well being, goal setting, and making a commitment to chosen sports activities.


Activities and clubs are an integral part of the Appleby curriculum. Students in the Middle School (Grades 7 and 8) participate in service activities, Middle School Council, Cadets, or the Middle School Play. In the Upper and Senior Schools (Grades 9 to 12), students can choose from a wide range of activities, pursuing the arts (Upper and Senior school plays, choir, orchestra, concert band, organ, MIDI, and dance to name a few), service clubs (Amnesty International, special events, and recycling), leadership experiences (Cadets, coaching, peer counselling, tutoring, and student councils) or special interest clubs (yearbook, archives, and literary magazine).


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Information Technology

The Appleby Campus, including classrooms and residence buildings, is fully wired for internal network and Internet access. Students receive an IBM ThinkPad computer and a personalized Appleby e-mail address through the e-school@appleby™ program, and can plug in to ports across campus for full Internet and e-mail access.


The centerpiece of Appleby’s cultural facilities is Willis Hall, our new 160 seat performance theatre. In addition, the campus boasts a studio theatre, dance facilities, music practice and performance rooms, and a Visual Arts Centre equipped to work in a variety of media.

Affiliated Institutions

Appleby College is a member of/affiliated with the following organizations: Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS), Ontario Conference of Independent Schools (CIS), the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), the Round Square, Union for Cultural and Professional Advancement in Europe (UCAPE), and is accredited by the Canadian Educational Standards Institute (CESI).

International Involvement

Appleby provides qualified students with variety of choices for Canadian and international exchanges, with stays from three weeks to up to three months. In particular, through its association with the Round Square, Appleby offers students not only exchange programs, but the opportunity to participate in a number of international service projects in such diverse locations as Kenya, India, or Peru.

Campus Tour

Tours of the Appleby Campus can be arranged by appointment. Please call the Admissions Office at (905) 845-4681, ext. 252 for further inquiries.

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