York University - Graduate Studies

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Welcome to Canada's leading interdisciplinary research and teaching university. As Canada’s leading interdisciplinary research and teaching university, York brings together top scholars and professors from every discipline to tackle real world issues. Top scholars from across Canada and more than 100 countries pursue graduate studies at York for excellence in teaching, innovative research programs, exceptional financial support, wide selecting programs and specializations, award winning faculty, trendsetting programs, and world class joint programs.

Areas of Expertise

To excel in your field, you need the strong foundation that comes from rigorous scholarship, the motivation that comes from passionate mentors, the stability that comes from solid academic and financial support, and the freedom that comes from diverse perspectives and plenty of room to think beyond conventions. At York University, you'll find your footing in a community of like-minded learners pushing the boundaries of knowledge to make excellence and equity matter in the wider world. Whether you love research or are looking for a competitive professional edge, we have options for you to explore. Build your skills, sharpen your insights, make an impact.

Special Services

Attending a Wellness Consultation & Counselling session can act as a starting place for graduate students seeking to enhance, maintain, or address concerns related to their mental health and well-being. The service is offered by trained counsellors and can assist in addressing a variety of needs and concerns. Sessions are confidential and last 50 minutes. Graduate students can request a wellness consultation for help with:

  • Concerns about mental health
  • Balancing life as a graduate student
  • Personal wellness goal setting
  • Transitioning to graduate school
  • Difficulty coping with stress, anxiety, low mood, self-doubt, relationship difficulties, overwhelm or isolation
  • Staying healthy while progressing through one’s degree program
  • Exploring options for mental health and wellness services at York University or in the community
  • Psychoeducation and resources

Modified on November 26, 2022