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As the oldest centre for theological study in the Anglican Church of Canada, the Faculty of Divinity at Trinity College has led the way for more than a century and a half in providing theological education within the Anglican tradition.

Trinity has educated and trained a steady stream of Anglican priests, bishops, archbishops and primates (including the two most recent, Michael Peers and Andrew Hutchison), as well as notable theologians, academics, and increasingly in more recent times, laypeople.

Today we experience the excitement of adapting that ongoing tradition in creative ways to new intellectual, liturgical, spiritual and pastoral approaches, and new expressions of social justice and ecumenical co-operation, both locally and on a global scale.

Areas of Expertise

We offer our programs as a means of educating people for ministry in the Church and society. We provide education for Christian ministry, lay or ordained, both at the basic degree level (M.Div., M.T.S.) and at the advanced degree level (M.A., Th.M., Ph.D., D.Min.). We invite you most warmly to share in our life over the next few years and beyond.

Information Technology

The John W. Graham Library serves Trinity and Wycliffe Colleges. It provides collections and services to support Basic and Advanced Degree studies in theology, especially courses taught in the two Colleges, and to maintain research strength in particular subjects as part of the Toronto School of Theology library co-ordination program. The collection is strongest in Anglican church history, theology and liturgics; Biblical studies; philosophy; and religious studies. Special collections relevant to the Divinity program include the Strachan Collection, given by the founder of the College, Bishop John Strachan, the S.P.C.K. Collection, given in 1828 as the basic theological collection of the University of King's College, which later became the University of Toronto; and Wycliffe College's Book of Common Prayer Collection.

Special Services

As a college with deep roots in the Anglican tradition, Trinity provides a comprehensive approach to spiritual and community life. The Holy Eucharist and Offices are celebrated daily from historic and contemporary Anglican liturgies in Trinity's magnificent chapel. Advanced Degree students are invited to participate as fully as their studies permit. Trinity's Faculty of Divinity and the Advanced Degree Students Association at TST also host a full calendar of social events, such as regular pub nights and retreats, which help to make the academic life more humane. Toronto is among the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. With significant cultural and religious diversity all around, there is no shortage of opportunities for a vibrant social life.

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