University of Saskatchewan - College of Graduate Studies and Research

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It's About Excellence

Since 1907, the University of Saskatchewan has become an elite centre of excellence in both education and research. It is because of our outstanding university community that the U of S has grown to become one of Canada’s leading post-secondary institutions with a total of 13 colleges and over 100 areas of study. Our students, faculty, and alumni are a testament to our success. Their example has set a precedent for institutions across Canada, North America, and the world.

Where Great Minds Meet

The U of S is one of the most beautiful campuses in Canada. With its collegiate architecture, greystone masonry, majestic elm trees, and magnificent river view, the U of S is a picturesque place of study. Our beautiful campus has inspired our students to succeed. Whether it’s walking across the stage to accept an Academy Award, moving to California to work at Pixar Animation Studios, travelling to the Czech Republic to sing with the Greystone Singers, or trekking through New Zealand to learn from the Indigenous Maori, our grads see the world and make their mark.

Areas of Expertise

The University of Saskatchewan stands out among Canadian universities as the first in the world to convert an antibody to an enzyme, the best institution in Canada for agriculture and toxicology, and the home of the only Reproductive Sciences and Medicine program in the country. Presently, we are also home to the nation’s only facility for synchrotron light research, the Canadian Light Source. Our Department of Computer Science was recently ranked number one in Canada in terms of the scientific impact of its research. Our College of Agriculture and Bioresources has a global reputation for being on the cutting edge of agricultural technology and our College of Engineering was recently ranked among the top twenty engineering programs in North America. Unique in Canada, the University of Saskatchewan is the only university with five health science colleges and with a new Academic Health Sciences Complex being built, the University of Saskatchewan is a true leader in scientific collaboration.

Modified on June 13, 2023