Queen's University - School of Graduate Studies

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Queen's offers more than 50 graduate programs. In its Strategic Plan, Queen's has identified the need to strengthen graduate programs in strategic areas.

In the decade ahead, the University will add to its existing strengths in research and graduate studies to ensure its position as a leader among research intensive universities. Queen's will increase graduate enrolment in order to achieve a graduate undergraduate enrolment profile reflective of our mission as a research intensive university; and we will build the University's research programs in strategic areas of existing and emerging strength.

By increasing graduate enrolment, Queen's will respond to the nation's need for a more highly educated population. We will provide more opportunities for the very best students to pursue advanced degrees at Queen's. We will also introduce Queen's undergraduates to the opportunities resulting from the pursuit of advanced degrees. The total size of the graduate student population will remain small enough to preserve the mentorship and student faculty contact that distinguish excellent graduate programs.

Modified on September 22, 2022