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IE University is an institution of higher learning that specializes in training impactful leaders capable of creating a better tomorrow. As restless entrepreneurs, we always seek out new ways to innovate in order to provide the most up-to-date education imaginable.

This is reflected in our dynamic ecosystem, which comprises an extensive, top-tier global network, world-class virtual and on-campus facilities, an inspirational faculty and prestigious institutional partnerships. Our innovative mix of diverse, visionary minds regularly sparks new ideas, offering creative solutions to tomorrow’s problems across all our subject areas.


At IE University, we firmly believe that athletic activities are an invaluable aspect of ensuring holistic education, providing our students unique opportunities to be challenged as they learn, grow, and achieve excellence. IE Sports & Well-Being offers the opportunity to care for oneself by being active through sports and physical initiatives, within our IE community. We strive to maximize the student experience at IE by serving as a platform open for the entire community, where we can gather in a competitive or recreational atmosphere and help each other grow together. Through our wide variety of well-being and competitive sport offerings, no matter your interest or skill level, IE University provides its students with the opportunities to pursue their definition of well-being and achievement. Our offer of experiences enriches and connects the IE University community through sport, fitness, our facilities, and adventure in the great outdoors. We are committed to advancing our students’ personal transformation, strengthening our IE Community, and encouraging active lifestyles that lead to lifelong well-being. Please see this website for more information.

Modified on August 13, 2023

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