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When you study at Chalmers University of Technology, you become part of a rich and diverse culture stretching back to 1829. Alongside the world-class facilities and faculty, the student life is full of fun and adventure, with hundreds of clubs and societies offering everything from ballooning, robotics and jazz to theatrical and sports clubs. This side of student life is deeply embedded in the Chalmers spirit, with more than half of our students involved in the cultural life of the University in this way.

And when it comes to the education and research at Chalmers, you will find that you are right at the cutting edge of your field. With over two centuries’ worth of excellence brought thoroughly up to date with modern infrastructure and teaching methods, here you will encounter a very particular way of doing things. When you study at Chalmers, you learn to think independently, using engineering methods in innovative ways to tackle the biggest challenges facing society, from climate change to the digital revolution. We encourage your creativity, and believe in the importance of free thinking. To facilitate openness and cooperation between students and teachers, we pursue a classically Scandinavian atmosphere, one that is truly informal and non-hierarchical: the Swedish way.

Areas of Expertise

Sustainability, entrepreneurship and equality are essential aspects of everything we do at Chalmers. Through project-based assignments, we provide hands-on, collaborative experience, focusing on applying theoretical knowledge to solve current and future problems. We have excellent connections with many relevant industrial and social partners, including local giants such as Volvo, SKF, and AstraZeneca, ensuring that our research and education is always closely aligned to real-world challenges and applications. Our global focus attracts students and staff from around 70 countries, and we offer around 40 master’s programs taught entirely in English, preparing you for a truly international career.

Modified on February 05, 2024

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