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Over the past two decades, the University of Nicosia has led the development of life and health sciences programs in Cyprus. The University of Nicosia started the first medical program in Cyprus in 2011 by offering the St George's, University of London Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) graduate-entry program. We currently offer two medical degrees and four post-graduate degrees.

We are committed to the provision of innovative, student-centred and high-quality education, which is based on the best available evidence in current medical pedagogy. We are also committed to systematically fostering original research in the basic, clinical and behavioural sciences and, to serving and improving the health of the population. We aim to produce competent graduates, committed to life-long learning, who can pursue further training in their field of choice and will be competent and successful practitioners, teachers, administrators and researchers. Our School's graduates make patient care their highest priority. They also contribute to the community regionally and globally, through leadership positions in the healthcare sector.

Areas of Expertise

Our Medical School, the largest in the country, offers two medical programs and four postgraduate degrees:

Medical Programs

St George's, University of London Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), a 4-year graduate-entry British medical degree quality assured by the UK General Medical Council and awarded by St George's, University of London

Doctor of Medicine (MD) a 6-year undergraduate-entry degree

Postgraduate Degrees

Master of Public Health (MPH), a fully online degree for working professionals and new graduates

Master in Family Medicine (MSc FM), a degree for practicing doctors delivered entirely online

Master of Science in Health Services Administration (MHSA), a fully online degree for working professionals and new graduates

Doctorate in Medical Sciences (PhD), for research in all disciplines or specialties of Medicine<

More than 740 students from 58 countries around the world are enrolled in our Medical School, coming from as far away as the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to our achievements in medical education and research, you also benefit from world-class faculty members, experienced and supportive staff, international partnerships, and state-of-the-art facilities and learning resources. The student-centred curriculum allows for the early development of clinical skills and reasoning, and promotes collaborative learning, critical thinking and reflection, skills that are essential for your future career in medicine.

Our graduates are practicing as doctors across the world, including the USA, Canada, UK, other EU countries, Israel and Lebanon.

On Campus Housing

We have three new student residences. These residences include rooftop restaurants, lounge and pool bar for UNIC students, coffee shops and more. All of our student housing is walking distance to the Medical School, main UNIC campus and amenities for daily life: supermarkets, banks, bars and restaurants.

Please visit the website: UNIC Residences.

Off Campus Housing

There are many options for off-campus housing. The costs will depend on the size of the apartment, studio or house and if you decide to live with another student to share costs.

Typical rental costs are between $300-500/month.

Incoming Students

With our dedicated Student Service team, students have assistance in airport pick-up, processing visas, finding rental units and even purchasing a car. We offer a one-stop-shop for all students' needs.

Incoming students have access to all UNIC facilities across our 20 building urban campus. This includes beautiful new student accommodation, fitness centres, libraries, anatomy labs and more. Students are matched with a personal tutor from day one and a second personal tutor during clinical placement years to discuss anything academic or non-academic related. Tutors are part of our devoted Student Success team which includes Career Advisers that meet regularly with students one-on-one to plan their future career and medical practice pathways. There are multiple support structures in place that lead to our 99.4% global graduate placement

Career Planning

What our Careers Office does for You? I. Individualized Careers Guidance: Yearly face to face meetings from the first year of medical school; Personalized visit to each clinical site to review application process for each student at an individualized meeting, during your final two years; Ongoing Career pathway guidance for each student throughout years of study at Medical School; Provide Routes to Registration for all specific countries of interest. II. Annual programs of events with Faculty, International Specialists and Alumni: Practical Information and Q& A sessions with alumni to discuss the postgraduate application processes that they went through for a specific country i.e. Canada; Careers Specialty Specific series sessions to learn about career opportunities and current developments within a particular specialty from international specialist and faculty; Yearly postgraduate training presentations on country specific application processes; Initial overview of Careers Office support presentation during orientation week. III. Provide Additional Resources: Support through our Alumni database; Dedicated Careers section on Canvas and Moodle student platforms; MBBS Monthly e-newsletter.


Students have multiple opportunities to cheer on the UNIC Eagles, attend local sporting events or participate in sporting activities with peers.


Student Service team organizes multiple activities throughout the year related to sports, food, culture and social responsibility. Many of our students participate in our Mobile Clinic that take trips around the island for the under-served populations.


From the Medical Student Society to the chess and games clubs, there are numerous opportunities to participate with global peers, or better yet, start your own club.


Students can take part in our host family programme, monthly Student Service held activities, and as an island with more than 12,000 years of ancient history, there are hundreds of opportunities to experience this vibrant, warm, welcoming culture of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Affiliated Institutions

St George's, University of London for MBBS
UK Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) for MScFM
Universidad de Oviedo, Spain & Karolinska Institutet, Sweden for MPH in Disasters
Royal College of Surgeons of England - International Examination Centre
University of South Carolina

International Involvement

As an institution with more than 60 nationalities of students, our alumni are working globally, our clinical placements are global and our curricula is accredited for international placement.

Campus Tour

Our Open Days offer a fun and engaging way to discover more about our world-class programs, visit our state-of-the-art facilities and meet the people who have made our institution the largest Medical School in Cyprus. Learn more about the 6-year Doctor of Medicine (MD) Degree designed for High School graduates, the 4-year St George’s, University of London MBBS programme for university graduates, and our Online Master Degrees. If you come to Cyprus for one of our Open Days and you subsequently are offered a place and enroll in our medical school, we will give you a rebate on your first tuition payment. Should you visit from North or South America, Australia, New Zealand or Asia, we will rebate you 1.000 Euros. For those traveling from Europe (excluding Cyprus), the Middle East or Africa, we offer a 500 Euros rebate.

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notification_important The University of Nicosia Medical School offers tuition discounts of 20 to 30% off your program fees, depending on your degree. Please see individual program pages for details.