Memorial University of Newfoundland - Faculty of Medicine

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A primary objective of our medical school is to teach medical students to be physicians and to provide such learning experiences, as will inspire all medical graduates of the school to be prepared to practice medicine at the highest standards, serving all individuals and societies in the pursuit of health. The curriculum, the physical structure and the administration organization of the school are planned to allow for maximum cooperation between the various basic sciences and clinical disciplines. Our curriculum places particular emphasis on community and rural exposure, and our strength is in primary care. We are a small school, facilitating a personalized learning environment.

Areas of Expertise

Areas of research expertise at the Faculty of Medicine include stroke, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, autoimmunity genetics, population based epidemiology, clinical epidemiology health service delivery, and molecular biology of cancer and development. Graduate programs are offered in cardiovascular and renal science, cell and cancer biology, community medicine, immunology, and neuroscience.

Modified on August 16, 2012