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AUIS School Of Medicine

AUIS School Of Medicine

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AUIS's educational mission is to provide an excellent medical education featuring preventative medicine and patient outcome focused teaching to qualified students of diverse backgrounds. Ethical integrity and treatment of the root cause of disease are paramount to our vision, which we create through an atmosphere of academic scholarship and professional rigor.
AUIS features an 11:1 student to faculty ratio with an emphasis on offering a unique, personalized form of medical education to students. AUIS integrates clinical experience in semester 1 and focuses on team-based and case-based learning to help students apply their knowledge continually throughout the first 4 semesters, better preparing them for clinical rotations.

Areas of Expertise

AUIS is focused on providing as much support as possible to each and every student, particularly Canadian students. AUIS's Provost, Dr. Don Penney is an Ontario native, who completed degrees at both McMaster and McGill University's, brings a strong understanding of the Canadian education and medical system to the AUIS academic team. We have developed specific USMLE and MCCEE preparation modules and lectures to prepare all students for critical exams during an intensive 8 week Exam Preparation course at our US Campus outside of Atlanta, Ga and also provide guidance during the entire Residency Match process. AUIS students routinely Match at Queens University, UBC, and Western University as well as programs in 35+ US States. Most all AUIS Canadian's utilize provincial funding like OSAP loans or RBC and other bank Lines of Credit to finance their MD education. AUIS has been working with these authority's for over a decade and offers guidance to all students utilizing these funding methods.

Modified on February 08, 2023