University of Manitoba - I.H. Asper School of Business

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For almost 45 years, the Asper School of Business has been championing and leading MBA education here in Manitoba. Our commitment and passion is to provide our graduates the essential understandings and skills to succeed in today’s complex and fast-changing global business environment. The Asper MBA provides:
- the forum for professional growth
- the network to access new opportunities
- the understandings and skills to lead an enterprise
- the passion to better your community
- the drive to take the lead and make a difference!

Areas of Expertise

The Asper MBA program has one goal: to arm you with the skills, knowledge and experience you need to excel in the real world of business. By joining the Asper MBA, you gain:
- Management expertise to meet the challenges of today’s competitive global market
- A deeper sense of ethics, social responsibility and public service
- Perspectives that make you an exceptional problem solver, critical thinker and decision-maker
- The ability to present your vision clearly and effectively, and the confidence to inspire others
- A profound sense of personal and professional achievement

Off Campus Housing

Winnipeg offers a wide range of affordable off-campus housing from room at board (at about $400.00 a month) to apartments ($400.00 to $600.00 a month) to full house rentals ($700.00 plus). There is a good selection of apartments close to the campus. The Housing and Student Life Office offers help with accommodation searches.

Career Planning

The Career Services Centre provides a host of services. Besides reference services such as industry and business directories, business magazines, and self guiding career development tools, the Career Services Centre offers the following dedicated services to M.B.A. students and graduates: career counselling; career workshops; HR panels and events; resume and interview counselling; resume promotion; employment advisory service; community networking events; and internship programs.


The U of M is a member of Canadian International Sport and the Canada West Universities Athletic Conferences. Our very competitive intercollegiate teams play under the brown and gold colours and are called the Bisons. Intramural and sports clubs are very popular with teams from the faculties and schools, the colleges, the residences, and social groups. A students facilities pass of $76.43 per term allows use of four modern, well equipped facilities with a full range of health and fitness activities, including swimming, weight training, marital arts, aerobics, fitness assessments, and more.


From the campus wide two day orientation program to the Graduation Pow Wow, the University year is packed with activities to suit every student. Some of the highlights of the year include the 'socials', which are sponsored by different faculties and student groups throughout the year, the Festival of Life and Learning in winter, and the career fairs held by various faculties. Students can also become involved with student government or the student run radio and newspaper.


In addition to the faculty, school, college, and residence associations, there are dozens of other student groups on campus, political, cultural, special interest, religious, athletic, social, or service groups. There is at least one or two of interest to every U of M student. The Students Union sponsors many of the clubs and sponsors a fall promotional and membership week.

Information Technology

All students are eligible for a computer account, which includes Internet access, an e-mail address, and use of open area computing facilities (over 600 workstations). Courses in program use and Web site development are also available. Some of the residence rooms are wired for net access.


The city of Winnipeg is a very culturally rich and diverse city and this is also reflected in the University. The U of M has over 800 international students from more than 60 countries and these students, in co-operation with the International Centre of Students, are encouraged to share their multicultural views and talents with the University community. There is also an active Aboriginal student body, who work with the Aboriginal Student Centre, the Aboriginal Student Association, and other support and academic groups in bringing their culture to campus. Opportunities in music, art, and theatre are available on campus for participants or observers.

Special Services

The University of Manitoba is committed to accessibility and a student centred approach to student services. The Disability Services Office, the Aboriginal Student Centre, and the International Centre for Students all provide specialized services for their clientele. Other student affairs supports include the Counselling and Career Services Office, Student Health Services, Student Advocacy and Student Resources Centre, the English Language Centre, and more.

Campus Tour

Individual and group tours for prospective students and their teachers or families are available on request throughout the year. Send an e-mail to to make the arrangements. The campus is also open to all prospective students for two days every February in our annual info days.

Modified on February 29, 2016