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Columbia College

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Established in Calgary, Alberta in 1986, Columbia College is a recognized adult educational institution. It has been designed to be both flexible and responsive to the educational and training needs of business, government, and individual community members at regional, national, and international levels. We believe the differences in our opinion and diversity of our cultures and customs among our students and staff challenge each of us to better understand those around us. Columbia College values and celebrates diversity.

Areas of Expertise

We offer LINC (language instruction of newcomers to Canada) instruction to fit the schedules of adults with family responsibilities. The main goal of the program is to assist students to find work or prepare them for further education by improving their English language skills. Columbia College also offers ESL instruction. Students can participate up to 20 months. The majority of students have their educational costs covered by government funding. Since the use of computers is so important in the work force, our computer component allows students to be exposed to developing technological skills. The computer component also uses programs for teaching pronunciation and listening comprehension.

Modified on July 30, 2008