Centre Linguista Canada - Vancouver

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Centre Linguista offers students from around the globe the opportunity for empowerment through language acquisition. Centre Linguista enables motivated learners to invest in their futures by acquiring English skills (or French in Montreal) in four of Canada’s greatest cities. Learners will achieve results and build confidence in a supportive and stylish environment. Young learners programs are offered at our Vancouver campus year round and during the summer months for students aged 10 to 17. Schools are located in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Areas of Expertise

Centre Linguista specializes in language instruction in intensive English and French, as well as Summer and Year Round Young Learners programs in Vancouver. Each student has the opportunity to specialize in Academic or Business English streams.

Off Campus Housing

Homestay is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in Canadian culture while improving your language skills after class. You will have your own comfortable room in a Canadian home. Our accommodation service will choose the best family to suit your personality and lifestyle. Placement fee $210.00 per course. Single room with breakfast and evening meal $195.00 per week. Additional nights $38.00 per night. Please contact vancouver@centrelinguista.ca for more information.


Our Activities Co-ordinators arrange a variety of social and cultural outings, including sporting events, day trips, and weekend excursions to make your experience in Canada more rewarding. Activities vary at each school location and change on a monthly and seasonal basis. Afternoon activities include: - A soccer match. - Exploring the Museum of Contemporary Arts. - Sports activities. - Ice skating. - Laser quest. - International foods day. Evening entertainment includes: - Ten pin bowling. - Movie night. - Pub night. Full day and weekend excursions include: - Skiing in winter. - A half day hiking. - A beach day in summer. - Trips to other Canadian cities, mountains, or places of interest. Please contact vancouver@centrelinguista.ca for more information.

Modified on December 13, 2007