Nicola Valley Institute of Technology (Merritt Campus)

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NVIT is an Aboriginal governed post-secondary institute that was originally formed as a private institution in 1983 by the Coldwater, Shackan, Nooaitch, Upper Nicola, and Lower Nicola Bands of the Nicola Valley. The Nicola Valley Institute of Technology was started in response to the need for quality post-secondary education for First Nations people in an environment that promotes traditional ways and fosters student success. During its first year of operation, NVIT was housed in a basement with an enrolment of 13 students. NVIT is proud of its accomplishments from its beginnings in 1983 as a private institute with 3 instructors and 13 students, to 2 campuses (Merritt and Vancouver), with a beautiful $9 million new Merritt campus spanning 4,519 square metres featuring state of the art teaching facilities, 6 different programs, and 21 qualified instructors teaching 230 plus willing students. The institute is publicly funded, fully accredited, and boasts a student body that is 84 per cent First Nations.

NVIT is a small, high quality college that offers innovative, relevant credentials for future First Nations leaders in the fields of Wellness, Governance, Land, and Economic Development. The commitment and vision of the Nicola Valley’s local bands guide the programs. This vision encompasses and honours First Nations traditional culture and values, and recognizes the need to balance these within the educational goals of NVIT’s curriculum. NVIT believes in a holistic approach to education whereby the students’ knowledge base is enhanced by those values unique to First Nations culture.

Areas of Expertise

NVIT addresses the need within First Nations communities for individuals who work to preserve traditional culture, and who nurture a connection between these communities and future development and education. Students at NVIT have the opportunity to develop skills to manage the natural environment, deliver effective social services, and maintain a strong influence within the political and socio-economic arenas. The programs are designed as a tool to encourage ongoing education, to pull people forward for future challenges and opportunities both within and beyond our communities.

NVIT has successfully negotiated transferability of many of its courses with the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, and the University of Northern British Columbia. These transfer agreements are in addition to those already in place with many of the province’s community colleges. Students can attend NVIT and earn credits toward a university degree in a variety of disciplines.

On Campus Housing

Student housing consists of two buildings, each with 32 individual units and 4 – 2 bedroom suites (for a total occupancy of 72 to 80 students). Payment rates and options vary depending on the time of year; see NVIT's Student Housing website for details.

Off Campus Housing

NVIT maintains a housing information board and directory where students can find affordable accommodations.

Career Planning

The Career Advising and Employment Services Centre is located on the main floor and maintains a collection of current calendars, directories, and periodicals with information on careers, jobs, programs, and foreign work and study opportunities. There is also Internet access to research career-related information. Individual advising and group workshops are offered for students who are unsure of their career goals and options. Students are helped to identify satisfying career options that match their individual strengths, personality, interests, and abilities. The Career Advising and Employment Services Centre also co-ordinates Co-operative Education opportunities and provides support services to students looking for work. These services include assistance with resume and cover letter writing, job search organization, and interview strategies.


Experience NVIT 2017 is a 24 hour visit at our Merritt Campus to experience NVIT in person and explore our post-secondary options. You will have the opportunity to: Tour the campus - including our new trades building, Discuss programs, career aspirations and academic life with NVIT Faculty, meet current NVIT students, stay in NVIT Student Residence, attend in-class lectures, and experience fun, traditional, and cultural activities. Meals and accommodation (NVIT student housing) courtesy of NVIT. One way Travel Bursary available. If you have any questions regarding this event you can contact the Student Recruitment office at: Phone: (250) 378-3300 or Toll Free: 1-877-682-3300.


The NVIT Student Society provides a range of services for students including organizing social, recreational and cultural activities.


Students seeking information and access to spiritual counselling and ceremonies can contact one of the Advisors for information and referral. Throughout the year workshops, lectures and ceremonies are organized to provide opportunities for students and staff to learn and participate in traditional Aboriginal practices. Among NVIT's network of Elders are those who can provide spiritual advising and/or lead sweats and other ceremonies for students. Just as they do in their communities, Elders play an integral role in providing counselling and support to the students at NVIT. In addition to their role in the classroom, resident and community Elders are available for individual or group counselling sessions. To meet with an Elder, or to invite an Elder to an activity or event, students can either drop by the Elder's office on the main floor of the NVIT campus, or request assistance from one of the Advisors to arrange an appointment. Merritt Campus Elder's Office Phone: (250) 378-3350

Special Services

NVIT provides a variety of services to students with disabilities to enable them to access educational programs and services. Individualized support is available depending on the nature of the disability. This may include: interpreting, tutoring, note taking, taped books, large print, photocopying, scribes, equipment loans and acquisitions, and exam support.

Campus Tour

School and community groups wishing to organize onsite visits or presentations by NVIT personnel can contact the Student Recruiter at (250) 378-3392 or the Communication and Events Officers at (250) 378-3336 (Merritt) or (604) 602-3411 (Vancouver Campus). Free guided tours of NVIT are available by request. Please contact the Student Recruiter at (250) 378-3392 or the Communication and Events Officers at (250) 378-3336 (Merritt) or (604) 602-3411 (Vancouver Campus).


The NVIT library is designed to meet the learning and teaching needs of students and staff. The library promotes the ongoing development of research skills and independent study habits to encourage lifelong learning among students, and provides support for curriculum development among staff. As a partner in BC's Electronic Library Network, NVIT co-operates with other post-secondary libraries to provide expanded access to information. In the library online catalogue over 89,000 titles of full-text electronic books are available. Internet access and a self-serve photocopier are also available in the library. The library computer lab has 22 computer stations. The library also loans instructional equipment, including cameras, and video recorders. A spacious layout allows both private and group study areas. Two seminar rooms can be booked for group meetings.

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